of distance

It’s August. You drag yourself out of bed and into clean clothes. No more moping around. You put on your shoes and step out, but the wind breathes excuses into your ears as you make your way to the college.

He will be there to pick you up. That ought to cheer you up, you know it always does.

There he is, sitting in her car with a half-smile painted on his face, carefully trying to listen but focusing instead on the curve of her lips. She knows he’s looking and is making no effort to hide her blush.

You had never imagined that the sight of two people madly in love could put you off so much; it feels like missing the U-special. How your heart sinks as it goes further and further away and starts to look really small before it finally becomes a blue-green blur and disappears. Only, the blur is you. It’s you who is fading away into the vast nothing.

You suddenly have the urge to take the U-special today. You don’t want to miss another bus.

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