of togetherness

That awkward silence after you tell him. The wait, oh the endless wait to find out which side of him will respond. The side that loves you enough to forgive anything you do or the side of him that loves you violently and cannot understand why you do what you do. The suspense. The sound of your heart pounding. The vein in your head threatening to pop out.

You look up at him, so afraid. He doesn’t look at you.

You reach out to him and slide your fingers on top of his. He makes space. You’re holding hands for the longest time. Then, he kisses you and tells you he loves you no matter what.


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15 thoughts on “of togetherness”

  1. “There was a curious low roaring sound in her ears as of sea shells held against them and through the sound she dimly heard the swift thudding of her heart. Her body seemed to melt into his and, for a timeless time, they stood fused together….”

    – Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the wind


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