of aggression

You’re crossing the chauraha near Sector 18. Playing with your phone, too. Yes, you do realize you’re behaving like a retard, but you want to do it anyway. So, you’re walking along, playing with your phone. A Scorpio literally pulls out of the Max Hospital driveway and speeds its way into the road. The fucktard sees you but instead of stopping, he keeps going, and you’re still walking.

You look up, just in time. You freeze, and it’s pretty much like the deer-and-headlights scene. He realizes too, and stops the car within half a foot of your foot. You’re disgusted and angry and scared at the same time. Your heart stops for a second. When you recover, you hurl the most shameless abuses at him. You want to kick him, but you realize that with your quivering knees, that’s not going to happen. You look up, choking on your own anger. It takes you a few seconds to realize that it is a gujjar boy staring at your exposed legs.

You mumble an apology and scamper away.

You averted two disasters today.

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