of flirtation

You’re driving to work on a lousy winter morning. You see bikes zipping past you, and that makes you wish you were on a bike instead of going clutch-brake-clutch-brake on a busy-as-hell road. You stop at a signal, and a red car stops next to you. The left side of your face starts to become conscious of being stared at. You get that a lot, and have developed your own version of a frosty-nosed combat stare especially for times like these. You’re startled by what you see. It’s a good looking guy wearing really hot sunglasses, not a middle-aged man or a jatt/gujjar boy. Your face lights up. Visibly. Shit. He can see that I am flattered.

He smiles at you and you go red in the face, not knowing how to react. You frown instead, thanks to your over-cautious instincts. You hate yourself in that moment. It’s not every day that a droolworthy guy smiles at you at a signal.

The signal turns green. He speeds up and starts driving right in front of you. You don’t like that, but keep your calm. You’re not going to indulge him. He’s speeding up, so you slow down. He slows down too.

You change your lane. So does he. Oh crap. He’s flirting with you. You decide to flirt back. It’s not like he knows your address!

So basically, it becomes a dance. Sometimes you take the lead, sometimes you let him. At times, you steal glances in the rear view and know he’s looking right at you.You’re suddenly feeling upbeat. You even put on a peppy number on the stereo and start to sing along.

Suddenly, you see him slow down. You’re still cruising along, and you don’t understand what he’s doing. Does he want you to pull over and exchange numbers? No way. You do not do that type of thing.

You keep to your lane.

Just as you’re about to cross him, you see his indicator blinking. He will turn left. You, on the other hand, need to go straight.

Your heart sinks.


There’s more to this story:

I thought I would never meet this guy again. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I met him again at my favorite spot in town. What a coincidence! And then there was the dancing. So HOT. As is the case with all things exciting, things went awry, at least for me.  I think it’s finally over, our little game. It makes me sad that the chase is over, but such is life!

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10 thoughts on “of flirtation”

  1. That was more than amazing, Made me smile.we all have to face these type of situations I guess and the best way is ignoring that staring idiot. That was indeed a fun read 🙂


    1. Oh but he was so difficult to ignore! Glad you enjoyed reading this. You may also like my other posts about this guy, ‘of coincidences’ would be a good starting point! 🙂


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