of violence

You see the Daily Post challenge on your reader, and almost thankful for the inspiration.

You begin to think back to a time when you are very little, you don’t remember how little exactly, and wake up to the sound of a bottle being smashed to bits against the door of your room. Screaming follows. Then suddenly, a strange silence and you can hear her plead with him not to be loud or you will wake up.

In your head, she’s being dragged across the hall and threatened and humiliated. You’re trying so hard to not listen. You put a pillow over your head and begin to sing. Soon, you’re floating above the clouds.

In the morning, you see your father seated in his usual spot and your mother hunched over a thali, cleaning rice. The sight of the blue-brown skin under her left eye fills you up with rage. You pick up a butter knife and walk toward your father. You don’t know what you’re about to do with it, but you can sense that an unpredictable anger is simmering inside of you, guiding you.

He clears his throat, and you move too, flinging the knife at him. It takes both of you by surprise. Of course you’re young and your aim poor; it doesn’t hurt him physically, but you smile as you see his upper lip curl up.

That is the first time you were ever this violent, your mom says.

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12 thoughts on “of violence”

  1. Then tell me why has Sushmita Banerjee secretly married, only to discover the guy was already married, escaped from Afghanistan risking her and everyone else’s life around only to go back there again and get murdered all over again.


      1. The behaviour of Sushmita Banerjee has foxed many. But there has been but one significant hint which explains her irrational urges. Was she attracted towards violence and savage behaviour. Is this a common trait.


        1. I see nothing in common between me and Sushmita Banerjee! If anything, I am filled with revulsion at the thought of domestic violence. I hit my father back when he hit my mom. So I really don’t see where your point about being attracted to violence is coming from.


          1. oh no, sorry. There is nothing common, infact you are the opposite. I was just initiating a discussion on violence. You responded to the violence by hitting back. Majority don’t. There is a village in Maharashtra where the women folk came together and closed down all desi liquor shops. Might be part of the solution for domestic violence. But they thought it might work, came together and made it happen.
            My bad, once again, nothing in common.

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  2. @amsang, I think women tend to mistake aggression for assertiveness, which is a remarkable quality in a man. But by the time they realize their mistake, they are already married and then they just put up with the abuse because that seems easier than a life as a divorcee. Society isn’t kind to women.


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