of appearances

After a night full of debauchery and drinking and giggling with the girlfriends, you wake up and realize that not only have you overslept, your entire wardrobe appears to be in the laundry bag too. What a way to start a Friday morning.

I hate slumber parties in the middle of the week, you mutter under your breath, all the while knowing that you don’t really mean it  and will most likely be entertaining guests three times a week as usual.

You spend a few minutes standing in front of your usually-filled-to-capacity-but-now-empty almirah.

Of the clothes that remain, a particular kurta sticks out. You pick it up and recall fondly that it was the first gift the ex-husband gave you eight years ago. You decide to wear it to work. And a dupatta, too! A whole year in the new office, and nobody has seen you dressed like this before. Today’s going to be a fun day!

You reach work, and it rains compliments. And looks. Different from the type of looks you get on a daily basis when you tick-tock your formally dressed behind to your seat. Different from the looks that burn into your ass when you wear a well-fitted business skirt or pair of trousers.

There’s none of the ogling today. Only admiration. A welcoming into the community. Just like that!

You don’t know if this makes you feel any better.


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