of new year resolutions

Time for a happy new year post.

First of all, I don’t even understand what the big deal about a new year really is. As a kid I used to love the first week of the year because dadi would change the calendars on our kitchen wall, but now, it’s become just that, the changing of a calendar. Sure, there’s a wild party every year, but that’s only because people in my country need (yet) another occasion to get together and get wasted.

Resolutions, one might say. Really? My resolutions are a joke. They’re born out of sheer drunkenness and make no sense whatsoever. Don’t believe me?

In 1996, I decided I would start learning Kathak (an Indian classical dance). I didn’t.

In 2000, I decided I would do more charity. No money. Ever.

In 2003, I decided I would start eating healthy. You know how that one works out for everyone.

In 2006 I decided I wouldn’t ever marry and remain single and have an exciting life. I was married two months later. You also know how that one worked out.

In 2008, while I was still married, I decided I would start learning to dance. My bones were too old and crumbly for Kathak, but just about anything else would work! I went to a dance school for two months and still call myself a danseuse. And I didn’t even learn ballet.

In 2011, I decided to start paying more attention to my health, read more, focus on my career. I did all that, but only after a painful separation from the then-husband, which basically reversed all the progress I’d made.

Oh, and last year I decided I was done with relationships, but I went and found myself a boyfriend instead.

So if I were to say this year, hey, I’m never getting married, I might actually end up married in less than a year.

So I will just keep things simple. I will write in the first person, like I did this post.

Ha! Your move, kismet!

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7 thoughts on “of new year resolutions”

  1. New Year’s resolutions are overrated 🙂 Is there anybody who still does it?
    Happy New Year 2014 to you anyways, Anawnimiss. It is indeed a new year, nobody can argue with it. 🙂 I wish you that all your secret dreams that you left unmentioned not to jinks it will come true 🙂


  2. Unless they’re tangible, (imo) New Year’s resolutions are based on buyer’s remorse, dissatisfaction and general regret, and then we end up feeling worse when we don’t stick to them. Writing in the first person is great, but do you want to limit yourself to one voice? Probably not 🙂 Are you likely to keep this resolution? Well you tell me … Hope I haven’t offended, this is the first post of yours I read, very cool voice, I stumbled over it through the pingbacks and now I’m following your blog, eagerly awaiting more 🙂


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