of being found out

You wake up one morning and see a bright orange plus sign at the top right corner of your blog. A new follower! Yay!

You click the orange plus sign, only to feel the earth shift from underneath your feet. It’s him. In the whole wide world, he had to go on and follow this blog! Do you dare to let him find out it is yours? After all the hoo haa about anonymity, it comes to this? Your cover’s probably blown!

Will it bother him, you wonder, that you like to write about him?

You really don’t know how he will react. Sometimes, he seems like a different kind of human being altogether. His beliefs are so rigid that they seem to be walls within which his good-natured heart is confined. You’re afraid he won’t like the idea of  being on display for the world to see how he is with his woman.

But what if he likes it? What if he actually supports the idea? Maybe it’ll be the start of something deeper, more meaningful in your relationship.

He shifts in bed. You gasp and stop breathing until he settles down again.

All weekend, you scan his face for expressions but he betrays nothing. All he says is that he has discovered a couple of good blogs that his friends are reading, and he suggests you read them too. Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet. You’re safe for now.

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