of family

An ugly fight with your parents over their behavior with the fiancé is enough to thrust you back into the knowledge that no matter what you do or how hard you try, they’re going to remain strangers to you. You have nothing in common with them, except perhaps your surname.

They can’t seem to understand that your life is not about them and the choices they would’ve made if they were in your place. The truth is they are not in your place, you are, and you are going to do as you please. You realize that they don’t love you as much as you hoped they would, and this time you can see that clearly. Initially, it hurts like hell to say it aloud, but after a weekend spent crying under the covers in a dark room it has finally sunk in.

You want to run away and never see them again; to not give them the satisfaction of knowing if you ever got your happily-ever-after story. But this is not who you are. You’re not going to live within their limitations. You know, finally, what it is like to have a family. You’re finally happy, your life is worth something. And you’re not giving it up without a fight.

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