of right and wrong

A new note, stuck to the car just like the first. You know you shouldn’t open it, but you do.

You look radiant in yellow. It makes your skin glisten and your eyes sparkle. I like that.

It’s back, the thumping of the heart. You crumple the note and fling it away. It’s the right thing to do. You’re fighting a strong urge to look around to see if someone’s watching from the shadows. But you don’t. You won’t give this guy the pleasure of knowing he got to you.

Pleasure. The word triggers a familiar wetness between the legs. This is so wrong. You’re trembling with fear and disgust, but only at yourself. You get in the car and start driving. 

Two days later, you’re still thinking about the note. Your cheeks appear flushed every time you think about it. People are asking why you’re suddenly wearing so much yellow.

So wrong.


Oh wait! There’s more to this story.

As you may already have guessed, I started receiving notes from a stalker in January 2014. I was thrilled at first, this being my first stalker and all, but people drilled some sense into me, and I started taking things a little more seriously.  I kept watch for a few days, and nothing happened.This really upset me.

Anyway, after I received the second note,  Aussa pointed out that my stalker was a creature of habit and there was a rhythm to his creepiness. His notes were timed, exactly a month apart. That brings us to this disastrous attempt at a stakeout.

There! That’s all there is to it!

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9 thoughts on “of right and wrong”

  1. 10 Jan was a Friday, and this one came on a Tuesday. But 10 Jan and 11 Feb. Hmmm. Since I go to my car only after 9:30 am, they must be keeping the note before that. And 7-8 am is busy with all the joggers, school buses, car cleaners, domestic helps, etc. coming and going, so it’s either before 7 am or after 8. *wide eyed with delight at the prospect of nancy-drew’ing the stalker’s ass*


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