of vanity

I decided to dress up a little for work today. Fitted white shirt with a grey knee-length skirt that rides up just enough when I sit down. Pointy stilettos that go tick-tock-tick-tock as I walk.

Most women I know don’t want to admit this, but they enjoy being treated as sexual objects. Okay, maybe not objects, but if there was ever a being that was ALWAYS aware of its sexuality, it definitely was female. 

I like dressing sexy. I wouldn’t be caught dead in ill-fitting-ill-matched clothes. I will willingly be the oddball wearing formals in a super casual environment because  I love to stand out from the crowd. Clothes maketh a man (stare). And I like that. Only if the staring is being done by the right type of people, of course; I definitely don’t want rickshawallahs and factory workers to stare. But sure, the bosses and the colleagues, they can look as much as they like. I’m classist that way.

So anyhow. I decided to dress up to work today and people actually smiled at me more. That made my day. And I’m not even wearing yellow.

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8 thoughts on “of vanity”

  1. Feeling quite sloppy as I respond while still in jammies!
    Quite honestly, you share a subject that has always made me a little squirmy. Brought up in an environment that always told me “vantity is a deadly sin” had me struggling for many years. “Don’t look at me, please look at me!” I STILL feel that inner child tug when I’ve spent too long getting ready or changed my clothes for the fifth time. Thanks for boldly giving us (there’s more than just me!) a voice to express those inside conundrums.
    That said, I love dressing up, too. Tick-tock heels and form-fitting (but classy) dresses are the best. Hubby doesn’t even mind if someone looks just a little longer (and I guess I don’t either).


  2. I go back and forth between whether I want to attract attention or not… but there’s really nothing like that feeling when you know you’re wearing an outfit that seems to have been made for it and you’re like “yeah, I’m killin’ it.” Hahahaha I sound vain but hey I AM


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