of being a weirdo magnet

This morning, as I drove to work, I was especially happy because there were none of the obvious signs of the migraine. No sensitivity to light or sound, no throbbing vein in the temple threatening to burst.

Today is going to be a good day, I thought, as soon as I woke up. So I decided to enjoy my drive. I left home early, drove slowly, savoring every turn, every beautiful flower on the roadside.

As my car rolled to a halt on a signal that was about to turn red, the guy driving the car behind me changed his mind at the last minute and braked too hard and too late. I was hit. I turned my engine off and got out, really shaken.

I was in a good mood, and there wasn’t much damage done, just a minor crack on the plastic part of the bumper, so I decided to just let it slide. Until the jackass stepped out of his car and said women shouldn’t be allowed to drive. That got my goat. I only let him go after he had not only paid for the damage, but also apologized profusely. There were cops involved, and a visit to the police station too. Sure, I wasted about an hour on this, but boy, it felt good to show the guy his place.

Btw, amidst all the shouting and name-calling, the guy also told me he was single and an MBA. Then he mentioned he was twenty seven and worked for Supertech, a construction company. Oh, and did I say that he made it a point to mention he was single? I don’t know why he thought this was relevant.

Yeah, I am a weirdo magnet. 

Surely you know about the time my landlord stole my denim bra and the time I lived in a haunted house! Oh oh, and the time a naked man attacked me near my house?

See what I mean?


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One thought on “of being a weirdo magnet”

  1. I really wish I had been there to hear what you said to him to put him in his place. SO curious. I love your writing style. Always interesting. Always want to know more. Off to read about the time you lived in a haunted house.


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