of stalkers at stake

My stalker left his first note on 11-January and a second note on 10Feb. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway. Seeing as it is that time of the month again, I decided to stalk my stalker back.

I had three ideas:

1. I wake up really early and sneak up to the car. I lie down on the back seat under a blanket. I hold my breath and wait for the stalker to life the windshield wiper. Once he has put the note there (I did want to read what he had to say this time), I call the fiancé, and he nabs the stalker from behind, beats him to a pulp and hands him over to the police.

2. I wake up really early and change into the fiancé’s clothes. Basically an oversized shirt (that hides any evidence of my possessing a pair of boobs), a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers (so I can be quiet as a mouse). Pick up yesterday’s newspaper and cut out two circles so I can see, and park my ass on a bench in the parking lot. Oh, and I would also need to wear a cap and a pair of glasses and smoke a cigarette, just to stay in character.

3. I wake up really early, wear a yellow dress and lean against my car, as a “come on” for the stalker. If he’s good looking, I let him go with a warning and a promise that he will ghost-write my dreamy love letters to the fiancé. If he seems creepy, the fiance beats him to a pulp and hands him over to the police.

The fiancé had the following ideas:

4. We find a comfortable spot that is at a safe distance, wait for the guy to drop the note, click a few pictures and follow him OR call the cops in advance and have them follow the creep.

5. He puts me under house arrest and deals with the situation on his own.

6. We do nothing.

Needless to say, after half an hour of bickering about which of us was being the most helpful and coming up with the most innovative solutions, we decided (totally my choice!) to go with #4.

Our next step was to figure out the perfect spot for surveillance. At first we thought we’d go up to the rooftop of the building, but from there everythingone looked really tiny even with a pair of binoculars I purchased from Palika Bazaar, and we had to take it down a notch. Like, literally. We came back downstairs to our balcony and discovered it was perfect for the job. It is a covered area with smoked glass and plants hanging outside.

Since it was too dark to take a picture of my own balcony last night, I decided to lift and edit this image from www.tryanythingonceblog.com.
Since it was too dark to take a picture of my own balcony last night, I decided to lift and edit this image from http://www.tryanythingonceblog.com.

You get the general idea, don’t you? Anyway. After two hours of “Shhhh! You’ll scare him!” and “Lay low. If he sees you he’ll run away!” and other similar-sounding exclamations, I finally fall asleep.

Next thing I know, it’s 7 am and he’s poking me in the ribs.

Wake up! I see someone.

Who? Where?

I look down and there he is. He is looking over his shoulder as he walks. I’m desperate to see his face by now. And then I see it. It’s the fat uncle-ji I run into every day when I leave for work! My disappointment must be obvious coz by now the fiance is staring at me in disbelief.

You really wanted it to that good-looking guy in the next building, didn’t you?

Shhhh. He’ll hear you! I start making a video of him on full zoom as he walks toward my car. It’s badly lit so I am fairly certain it’s not going to be good enough to be used as evidence, but it ought to be enough to scare him.

Why isn’t he stopping at my car?

The fiance, btw, is still pretty pissed at me. Maybe because he wants to make sure nobody’s watching him.

Where’s the note?

By now he’s very irritated. I don’t know. Just be quiet and watch.

The stalker puts his hand inside a pocket and pulls out his phone, and seems to be making a call. We’re both very confused at this point.

Soon enough, a familiar-looking aunty-ji who I’m pretty sure is married to someone else emerges from the building across the street, peering over her shoulder. Her pace quickens as she sees this guy; I think she’s almost going to run into his arms, but she doesn’t.

So he isn’t my stalker. Ha!

You sound relieved. And happy. Why do you sound happy?

Beautiful morning. Let me make you breakfast.


There’s more to this story.

As you may already know by now, I started receiving notes from a stalker in January 2014. I was thrilled at first, this being my first stalker and all, but people drilled some sense into me, and I started taking things a little more seriously.  I kept watch for a few days, and nothing happened. This really upset me.

Anyway, I received a second note in February 2014, which brought me some guilty pleasure (and a lot of unsolicited advice from the fiance, which I didn’t talk about then because he used to read my blog).  Then Aussa pointed out that my stalker was a creature of habit and there was a rhythm to his creepiness. His notes were timed, exactly a month apart. That brings us to this disastrous attempt at a stakeout.

There! That’s all there is to it!

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15 thoughts on “of stalkers at stake”

  1. AH! Dangit! I was all happy dancing in my chair like “auh yeah, I called it, I knew when he was going to leave the next note, I’m such a stalker-catching-pro.” But no. Damny damn damn.
    I love that you guys fully committed to the stakeout though. Incredible. Keep me posted on any additional happenings!


  2. I’m a little upset about not getting a note, but hey, I now have dirt on two of my neighbors AND there’s the chance that the good looking guy is my stalker. Wasn’t such a bad day! And I’m so glad you guys are both here!


  3. alright missy! where the heck is the beginning of this story?? You lured me over here. I love the balcony! especially all the imagined stuff, looks just like my balcony, except you have to also imaging the balcony part and being more than a couple feet off the ground…. but yeah. Thanks, I need to poke around here now….


    1. Feel free to poke around as much as you like! Let me know if you manage to get to the part where it began! With the twists and turns and old age it gets difficult to keep track 😀


    1. Ha ha.. I’m quite the weirdo magnet, so it takes a lot to scare me! If I don’t get a note this week, and the fiance goes away for a bit, I’m totally standing around wearing the yellow dress he wrote about 😀


  4. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog, so I have to ask, “Is this true or part of a novel that you are working on?” 🙂 Either way, it’s GREAT writing. But I have to say, if it is true, please me careful. I’ve been the victim of a stalker for more than a year now (it started three years ago). It has been draining and I feel so violated. I’m also filled with rage that he continues to get away with this behavior (he’s doing this to two other women). My story is on my blog and FB page to raise awareness. BE SAFE!


    1. All true my friend! He has no idea yet, but he is the real victim here, coz he’s not getting away with this. But yes, it is exhausting to go through something like this. Will definitely read what you have to say on the subject on your blog! Thank you for reading and being concerned 🙂 Really appreciate it!


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