of gravity-defying stunts

One of my friends pulling a gravity-defying stunt on a boulder at Sangla valley, India. She managed to get all the way to the top without using her hands. And no, I’m not shitting you.

Pulled these pictures out of the archives for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold.

Look mom, no hands!

Oh, did I mention she does this for a living?


Meet Nasim Eshqi. She’s been climbing since she was 23 years old. Before that she was a kickboxing champ for a decade. She is super strong. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. She’s a very girlie girl too. She loves pink. If you google her, you’ll know what I mean!

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6 thoughts on “of gravity-defying stunts”

  1. Oh my goodness! That is crazy! I can’t imagine getting all the way to the tops with no hands! She’s got skills! Great photos, and I love the interpretation of the weekly challenge!


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