of my bucket list

Ever since Anawnimister and I got together, I haven’t shopped alone, which I really used to enjoy when I was married. With him, things are different. We do things together. I know how sappy that sounds. That’s because it is.

Anyway, he needed to go out of town for the weekend for work, it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. I stayed up all night, went to sleep at 7 am, woke up at 1 pm, ate junk food and stepped out of the house. I also made plans with the only girlfriend I have, and as with all other plans, something really good came out of it.

*wink wink nudge nudge*

Anyway. Shopping alone was really boring. I missed the banter, the pointing and laughing, the two seconds of serious thought that goes behind every purchase.

So  when I called the mister and told him how all that went, he said I should write down all the things I want to do in this lifetime, and he would make sure I get to do all of them, regardless of my marital status.

Aaaaand that was when I drew up the following bucket list:

  1. Go to a bar alone, flirt with strangers, let them buy me drinks. Dance and generally have a good time (which I have done before, but I’d like to do it again anyway, this time without feeling like I’m cheating.
  2. Group-stalk someone with the complete paraphernalia, like night vision goggles and walkie talkies. Learn from my stalker and leave bordering-on-creepy notes  without getting caught at stakeouts. Volunteers invited. (Aussa, you listening?)
  3. Study something fancy in the US and find a waitressing job or work at a gas station like everyone does in the movies. Then come back to India and get a high-paying job.
  4. Travel a lot. Get a whole lot of stamps on the passport. For each country I visit,  get a new tattoo on the back. Flags, maybe.
  5. Go camping all alone.
  6. Blow up an entire month’s salary on shopping without feeling guilty. If I get to do #3, I’m sure this won’t be a problem.
  7. Learn at least three dance forms.
  8. Learn to kick ass at fencing.
  9. Work at a garage. Learn to fix a motorcycle.
  10. Have a kitchen garden and grow food and flowers. (Michelle, care to help with this one?)

I’m quite convinced I ought to put more stuff on the list while I can, but have run out of ideas. Any other suggestions before I hand this over to the mister?

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8 thoughts on “of my bucket list”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I was supposed to be working on my bucket list. You just have to keep the tablet right next to you at all times and write things down as you think of them, that way you don’t forget. have a great day.:)


  2. Hey friend! I read this yesterday morning and thought for two days what should be on my bucket list. Since I’m so much older, I’m happy to say that I’ve done a lot of what used to be on my list. Your post reminded me that it’s never to late to make the list bigger AND more interesting!
    Thanks for the shout out! You are too kind 🙂
    PS: my garden is planted…just waiting for everything to pop up! I love the notion of a “kitchen garden.” I had herbs last year scattered. This year, I’m putting it all right outside my kitchen so that I actually use them!


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