of invisible roommates

Ummm.. so where were we?

I think I already told you that I used to live in a haunted house where a woman my age had been murdered. At first I didn’t believe it, but then spooky shit happened, and I asked Mister, whom I was “just friends” with to spend the night at my place. You know how these things go. We got drunk and fell in love.

Anyway. We had been going out two days when he came home again, and found me really upset.

I had already been sleeping in the living room with the lights on because I was afraid of the ghost and the noises she was making. To add to my troubles, a bunch of guys on the street had found out that I lived alone and had started throwing pebbles at my window. Sometimes, when the curtains weren’t drawn, they would be glued to my window. Their catcalls and whistles drowned out the ghost’s noises.

I’m already struggling with the stupid ghost and don’t need this in my life.


He comforted me, and before I knew it we were in the middle of some serious making out. And then we heard it. A faint drill-like noise, as if someone was using a food processor. Coming from within the walls.

We were both startled but he was a teensy bit more alarmed than me. I didn’t want the making out to stop, so I told  him it must’ve been the neighbors. Then he reminded me that my neighbors weren’t in town, which is why he was here.

Quick tip: In India, neighbors can’t see your boyfriend sneaking in and out of your home. If they do, you will be labeled a whore. But wait a second. That will happen anyway if you live alone. So never mind the damn tip.

Anyway. He wanted to <open air quotes> investigate <close air quotes>. I, on the other hand was masively sex-starved, so told him how much I enjoyed having an invisible roommate. Besides, she was minding her own business and didn’t bother me at all. She would probably not like being investigated.

But he wouldn’t give up. We ended up Googling “what to do if my house feels haunted” and reading through the search results. At first it was fun because some of the ideas were plain stupid, but the more we read, the further away the “stupid” sign appeared in the rear-view mirror.

At the end of three hours, I decided that I was going to start by keeping a journal of all things spooky. Then I would try and see if noises (coz at this point there had been no sightings) could be due to plumbing issues or pests and and missing/misplaced objects could be general forgetfulness.

And then, if after a month, I was still convinced there was a ghost, I’d get a havan done.

He spent the night, btw. In the morning, he spent twenty minutes drawing tiny om and swastik symbols around the house. I was laughing at him then, but I must admit it did make the ghost quieter for a few days.

There’s more to the story, but I’m kinda tired of typing. More on this later!


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6 thoughts on “of invisible roommates”

  1. romantic horror mystery, well googling to find an answer was awesome one, waiting for what happens next now i seriously doubt there is a ghost… sorry if i ruined something 😛


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