of happy feet

of happy feet

Seeing as I’m going to hop-skip-jump my way to the railway station in exactly 7 hours from now, which is a lot of work for my feet, it made sense to dress them up a little!

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11 thoughts on “of happy feet”

  1. I don’t know much about the traditional body art but I think it really is very attractive. Beats the heck out of a lot of the permanent tattoos a lot of women are choosing these days in tne U.S. And, if you don’t like it, you can remove it. Of course, silly wee Willy Nilly goes bonkers over a small dragon tattoo. 😃


  2. Wow, that is gorgeous art work. I take it that’s part of your wedding preparations? They must have taken hours. Beautiful. In case you don’t blog before – Happy Wedding and Congratulations!


  3. You have really beautiful feet!… and not just because of the amazing, intricate henna that is on them. They are really quite lovely.
    Being unfamiliar with how an Indian wedding ceremony goes or its traditions, forgive the dumb question, but will you walk down the aisle (is that even done?) without shoes so you can show off this beautiful artwork or with shoes?


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