of stark contrasts

I’m on a posting spree tonight, I think.

That’s mostly because I am at Mister’s office again tonight and have nothing else to do. It’s the second time this week. But that’s a story for another day.

This week’s photo challenge is about contrasts, so here’s my interpretation. And I’m jumping a bit ahead of the schedule I have (not) prepared for my honeymoon horror stories, but what the hell. It’s just a photo, right?

the red and the blue and the green and the yellow, all in one pic!
the red and the blue and the green and the yellow, all in one pic!

I clicked this one sitting behind Mister our Enfield, enroute to Manali. That’s where we went after we went to Tirthan, which I’m yet to write about because I’m too caught up with unimportant stuff like sulking because my new husband is too busy to look this way even though I’ve been here an entire hour. Jerk.

But in my defense, I did give you a no-details-barred account of how we got stuck at Panchkula. Then again at Shimla. And yet again at Chindi. The last one I described in detail in my last post.

Yeah, we got stuck a lot. That’s why I’m calling it the honeymoon horror series.






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6 thoughts on “of stark contrasts”

  1. Great capture! Can’t help but smile at ‘Honeymoon Horror Stories’ – I have to say you’re a very patient wife 🙂 I hope there’s a turn around somewhere in your honeymoon series.


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