Honeymoon Horror Stories – V

You know that the horror series has been on the back burner for a while now. But then I saw this daily prompt in my reader, and it gave me a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Last time I left on on what I’d like to believe was a cliffhanger. Yeah I know. I’m bad at building build-ups. Not surprisingly, I’m not a real writer.

Anyway. We reached Tirthan at 4 in the evening afternoon evening pm and parked our bike on the hillside. The view was amazing. Imagine the hills on one side of the road and a resort next to a blinding white bustling river on the other. Just that the resort wasn’t exactly as close as that sounds. We had to climb down, cross the river, and then get to the resort.

The biker in me came back out of hiding. Is the bike safe here? What if it rains?

This time, my questions were valid and not just for showoff, so Mister actually pondered for a second before lightening struck and I got a brilliant brainwave. I asked him to use the tarpoline sheet to cover the bike so just in case it rained. The resort guy smiled and said something about how intelligent I was. How special it feels when someone acknowledges one’s genius!

Anyway, we were done in five minutes. This is what it looked like standing on the road.


That being done, I began to wonder how we were going to get across the river. The resort guy asked me to look closer, and there it was! We were going to be ferried across on this!



And you can’t really see how happy I am coz my face is blurred, but ferries make me ecstatic.



So after we got across, we had some tea and Maggi, took a quick shower, and spent the evening in each other’s arms getting cosy at first and nasty later.

ASIDE: I like the sound of the word nasty. There’s something decadent and churlish about how it sounds!

On day two, Mister woke up early and started poking me in the ribs with his camera. I begged him to go out and have fun and let me sleep a little bit longer.

Eight minutes later, he came back, having clicked 43 pics. Exactly. Every single pic was different from the rest. He’s not human, I’m telling you!

Anyway, I saw how futile it was to tell him horror stories about how people who don’t get enough sleep age more quickly. So I got up and out, dragging my feet to the floor. The floor felt really warm, like fur.

Actually, it was fur.

I had accidentally stepped on a dog. A real, living dog.

Who had spent the night under my bed.

None of us had any fucking idea.

I screamed. Not loudly enough to scare Pinky.

Yes, it was a she.



Pinky pestered followed me for the two days at this resort coz I had given her shelter and she wanted food too. Every time I sat down to eat, there she was, wagging her tail and making puppy faces.

As she followed me around, a group of three young people (two guys and a girl) seemed more than amused. We started talking, and it turned out they were from Delhi too. We got along pretty well, and I promised them I wouldn’t share their pics anywhere, coz they were bunking office, so no pics of the nice people.

Here are some pics we took.



We had dinner outside, next to the river, where the only light sources was the moon and a lantern, and the only sounds we could hear was either from the river or from the mosquitoes.

Dinner was simple but delicious. Yellow dal, rotis straight off the tawa, garden fresh vegetables, yogurt, and rice. All-in-all a fun experience, except for the dog who kept pawing me in the hopes of being fed and the mosquitoes, well, doing pretty much the same thing.

We retired early coz there isn’t much to really do in the hills. The other group was sitting around a table, drinking and laughing merrily. And seeing as ours was a booze-free vacation, I was a little jealous.

In the morning, this girl approached me and asked if we wanted to go fishing with them, and I immediately said yes. I’ve always wanted to go fishing.

I got to go first coz everyone in the other group was mostly just interested in drinking beer on the rocks.

tirthan 4

With Mister I don’t really ever need to ask. I always get to go first, even if his vital organs are being threatened by an onslaught of flood from his bladderburst.

tirthan 1


And like I said, I was excited about fishing. But the thing is, when a vegetarian goes fishing, it’s kinda stupid. Every time you throw in the bait, you find yourself praying no fish would actually bite it. And the guide just kept telling me the longer you try the higher your chances of catching something are.

tirthan 3

My face must’ve betrayed how I was feeling, coz Mister immediately took over.

And I’m glad he did, coz he caught a fish the moment he took over. Okay, on the third try. But you know what I mean. And then the other group caught another and the girl chased me with it and waved it in my face until I nearly fainted. In the running around I acquired  a few bruises and a twisted ankle from slipping and falling on the rocks. That was in addition to the mosquito bites that had turned into gashes because I scratched too much.

The horror!

Anyway, in the end, we returned with four trout fishes, which the resort staff fried and offered for dinner!


The next morning, we rode out towards our final destination, Manali.

The ride was really breathtaking. We rode along the river and then through a looooooong tunnel. It was amazing! Up next 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Honeymoon Horror Stories – V”

  1. Awesome pictures Ana. It sounds like you had a good time (aside from the mosquitoes and twisting your ankle). It seems odd that the other girl would chase you with a fish. Is that type of teasing normal for strangers? Here it is fine for people who know each other but is considered rude for strangers. Also, the puppy is soooo cute. I wouldn’t have been able to resist feeding her. Thanks for the post.


    1. Thanks for reading Paul! You never miss a post 🙂
      By this time we had become rather friendly, so it wasn’t all that rude.
      And the puppy slept under my bed for the two days that I was there 🙂


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