of chronicles

You always thought your life should be chronicled.

Biography after uninspiring biography, and you are left wondering why their lives are more important than your own; you’ve had ups and downs too, and more downs than ups, to be fair.

But then you think of all the people whose biographies you’ve read and how dull their lives seemed; how borrowed the glory was. Even their flaws were tragic and seemed to fulfill an overall purpose in the story of their lives. Oh, so-and-so was too honest for his own good. Blah blah was too generous and that was such a bad thing. Oh please! How can it be that people have no real flaws! How can jealousy not rear its head, or anger, or insecurity? And aren’t these people talking about their lives the most unreliable witnesses of all?

You know, in an instant, that you want to be an honest witness. Your life must be viewed from the inside. Your humiliating defeats talked about in the open. You want no part of the glory.

You simply want to tell the truth, without fear and without hesitation.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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