of relics

A relic, by definition, is a surviving memorial of something past.

I took these pictures a few years ago at Fatehpur Sikri, when I was still married to my ex. So then, the photos are relics in themselves, right?





I remember how sad I was at what I saw around me, people  just as dilapidated as the building I stood in.

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8 thoughts on “of relics”

  1. There is a sad exodus of people from villages to the cities. Now mumbai is the city of dreams but at what cost. Packing everything in a city will yield to what. Whats the logic behind having an IT park which will just be a collection of buildings in the heart of the city.

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  2. It is so sad. Imagine what it was like when it was at its peak. There has to be some way to help those people and to keep that site active. It would be nice if the government would “pay” people to live there and maintain the location and preserve it. I personally feel we need to move towards “Workfare”. It does people no good to just give them a check. You need to have them working so why not have them working on repairing roads, parks, replanting forests and reclaiming land. Something that desperately needs done not only in this country but in other countries too. There is a man in India…I keep forgetting to look him up…that has replanted over 30 acres of forest near his village and improved their lives in the process.


  3. People, like buildings… It’s always eerie to see a dilapidated building because you know it was probably once a bustling center of something, and full of hope. Kinda like people :-/


  4. Fatehpur Siikri was the capital of The Mughals during Akbar for just four years. The place here is Salim Chisti’s Tomb. It is a Ghost City now. People are sadly very poor. The city is unwanted now….how time changes (I am an Ex Resident of Agra)


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