of crime and punishment

There’s this discussion on Indiblogger that has me thinking, constantly, about rape, rapists, and punishment for juvenile rapists.

I started reading up on rape psychology around the time the Nirbhaya incident took place. There are, apparently, several different types of rapists. And to be honest, I’ve only listed five, but there may be more.

  1. The desperate ones; people who cannot get sex otherwise
  2. The perverts; people who are more sexually aroused from rape than from consensual sex
  3. The psychopaths; people who are brazen and have poor behavioral restraint
  4. The bullies; people who seek power through aggression and turn to rape because they can
  5. The competitive ones; mostly men who rape their partners when they suspect that their partner is cheating on them


When a woman is being raped, she doesn’t care if the man (or men) on top of her, with his nails clawing into her butt and teeth digging into her breasts is Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or a juvie.

She doesn’t care. All she wants is for it to be over, knowing that this is just the beginning of her misery.

The stares. The questions. The finger pointing.

This girl? Why would someone rape her? She’s not even that pretty!

Who asked her to prance around half naked in the middle of the night?

What was she doing with that boy so late anyway!

Wasn’t he her ex-boyfriend? They must’ve done it so many times before.

Oh, she must be trying to frame the poor guy.

The poor guy had his whole life ahead of him. He should just’ve waited to get married. He would’ve turned 18 in just a few months. He could’ve had as much sex as he wanted then!


What if, forgive me for asking, it had been YOU instead of a six year old that day?

And I’m not saying your mother/daughter/sister because let’s face it, some men have raped their mothers/daughters/sisters.

I’m saying YOU.

What if YOU were raped and tortured the way Nirbhaya was that night? Would you still be asking these questions and pointing fingers?

What would you want to do with the juvie who was cheering the others, stroking his penis as he waited for his turn, eyes gleaming, thinking of all the things he would do to you when he finally got his time with you?

Congratulations, my friend. You just arrived at the only answer to the question: should a juvie be tried as an adult in rape cases?

And to those who say that this law will probably be misused, such as this gentleman here who raises some fairly valid concerns, I will say this:

I was raped at age seven by a fifteen year old, and I sure as hell didn’t try to frame him. And if you’re afraid some women will take advantage of the situation if such a law were to be passed, think of it as collateral damage. 

It’s a really small price to pay when you think of the greater good. 


What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “of crime and punishment”

  1. Oh hanging someone on false allegation is smaller price to pay for you? Shame..You might not have framed him as that was your wish, but what happens when someone frames men..and there are many such cases…75% of the total cases..so do your research first..You have not raised alarm is completely your problem or your wish. We can’t say anything to you..


    1. I will refrain from responding to the ignorant, insensitive, and very offensive comments you made about me.

      What I will ask you is this:
      1. Where are you getting your statistics from?
      2. What according to you is a higher price to pay? An innocent-for-sure two year old child being raped and murdered OR a maybe-innocent-but-possibly-guilty adult being hanged after a fair trial?
      3. Do you disagree with capital punishment for murder? We have laws that allow murderers to be hanged, and the same possibilities of the person being falsely framed apply here.

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  2. “What if YOU were raped and tortured the way Nirbhaya was that night? Would you still be asking these questions and pointing fingers?”- Men won’t have even lasted that torture.

    ” this gentleman here” is he a gentleman? I have doubts. for this man Rape is non existing. Simple logic people are falsely convicted of murder but does it mean we should scrap the punishment for that.

    Saying all that a really wonderful post. Being a woman I have been groped, molested and was lucky to escape a rape attempt. The days I just wanted to die just because being a women from age 6 to now I face this not a single one framed. Why? thanks to our system. Thanks to my cowardice. Hope i had the strength of Nirbhaya. you raised the points which will startle many out of their sleep. Respect to you!!

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    1. Thanks Datta. I’ve been attacked by a naked man, groped on buses, had old relatives “platonically” making me sit in their laps, and it’s not even something I talk about anymore because I’m aware of how “normal” it is for a woman to face this. I’m familiar with the wanting to die.

      I have wished for more strength too. I understand, girl! Hugs!


  3. That gentleman has one of the most “not-worthy-of-reply” blogs I have ever come across. And they call us feminazis! Joke. Remove the word femi and thats what describes them. (Please dont publish the comment if you find it inappropriate. I visited this gentleman’s blogs last weekend and I was so sorry I did it. It didn’t let me sleep thinking people can go this limits. Unbelievably mis-informed and bent on proving things based on stray cases)

    Squarely put. Collateral damage is the perfect choice of words.

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    1. When I publish my opinions on a public forum, I open myself up to criticism. I’m assuming that the gentleman in question is aware that his opinions, like mine, are subject to criticism. So there’s no reason for me not to publish the comment 🙂

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  4. I hope that this is not over simplistic, but I feel that if you commit an adult crime, you get tried as an adult regardless of age, especially with rape. Murder is different. A child may gain access to a parents gun and accidentally shoot someone. There is no intent there. With rape, there is no ambiguity about intent.

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  5. To the point and great post !!

    “I was raped at age seven by a fifteen year old, and I sure as hell didn’t try to frame him. And if you’re afraid some women will take advantage of the situation if such a law were to be passed, think of it as collateral damage. ”

    It happens with a lot of women you know. And we(the society) thinks that it is okay. However it is not.

    Since you have written a personal thing, I would like to mention another case. A girl (friend of my friend) was raped by a close one who lived in the neighboring house. Just because he was a closed one, she was afraid of telling it to her parents. She decided to stay mum. When she came across a marriage proposal, she was denied by a guy just because she was not a virgin. He even spit some disgusting statements at her. I am not in contact with the persona nd I don’t know if she is married now or not and what is going on in her life.

    So I do believe it is much heinous than murdering somebody. You have to live with the consequences that are forced over by the same society who says that the rapists should not be hanged.

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  6. fully agree with you, your post made me review my earlier held ‘mild” views ,now I think the # should be hanged or given some harsh punishment not just a few years in prison, some education and stuff like that


  7. Hey, just ignore the above and ignorant comment made by some people who lack the faculties to understand the post. It’s thought provoking and brilliant. ‘What if it were you?” You are so right in decoding the psyche of rapists and I am aghast on how a so-called rapist is a juvenile. Sometimes back, I wrote an article for a mag on Nirbhaya and lemme kno if u wanna read it..will send you the PDF.


  8. This is a socially hidden topic in our society. It happens a lot here in Canada although not to the extent it seems to in India (from what I’ve read). It is not acceptable so it is hidden here. Most rapes here go unreported because to prosecute would open the victim to public scrutiny. Also rape is often followed by threats not to report. In the last decade or so Canada has adopted laws that allow violence against persons to be prosecuted by the government – this releases the responsibility from the victim to press charges. However in cases of rape there is no case unless the victim will cooperate. I watched a documentary recently about rapes in the American military and it is an epidemic. It is estimated that in the military alone, there are over 200,000 rapes a year of which less than a few dozen are prosecuted. They estimated that an average rapist who is not incarcerated commits over 300 rapes in a life time.

    The numbers are staggering.

    There is no defence, no “diet”, no explanation that justifies this. It is out and out disgraceful and men who perpetuate this are animals. However, that being said, i do not agree with the death penalty because our justice system makes enough errors that we would inevitably kill an innocent man eventually.I think that chemical castration would be more appropriate. That would stop the remaining rapes that would have inevitably occurred if the rapist was freed. And if it was an error, then better that the person is still alive.

    Anyway, it is a struggle and believe me it angers and shames me that men are doing this and i do everything in my power to stop it. I wish you and all women worldwide the power to fight and stop this. Our society is just one layer of whitewash away from anarchy when we allow this to happen.


  9. It is always easier to blame the victim, no matter what the age than it is to admit that men need to control their urges and that men who behave so badly should be ashamed of themselves. It is easier to blame the victim than to lay blame at the doorstep of a society that has to admit they have raised their sons, brothers and husbands to behave like animals. And that includes my own part of the world as well.


      1. You might not have noticed But That Guy actually spammed a whole lot of blogs with his abusive comments.Anyways I liked the way you have used the word flow which is a great sign of a good writer.

        and I standby to the point that in a growing society we have to take a strong stand on certain issues.


        1. Yeah, I noticed later. I had a nice little exchange with him on his blog because he wouldn’t respond to my questions and it pissed me off. But then it turned out he’s just a juvenile himself. Mentally, I mean. So I stopped bothering. Can’t have a rational discussion with a kid, you see!


        2. Alright So Now I know I got onto this blog of yours.
          I actually read all posts on this Indispire topic as It was my Indispire Idea that got selected so Thought it as a responsibility to read everyone’s views , Now That I have read a lot of blogs I am actually addicted to 2 of them and one being yours.,Thanks for sharing your ideas !


  10. Your post is so powerful. I also like the “what if it were you” approach. Really makes all of us think.

    I’m glad that you posted the negative comment as well. It brings to light the way a percentage of the world’s population thinks. Sad.

    Thanks for helping to bring this issue even more into people’s consciousness.


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