of being freshly depressed

You know how I was hurt in a car accident earlier this week, right? I had to fill a claim form this morning with one hand – I can’t move the other yet. My shoulder is swollen and hurts if I move even a little bit.

When I sleep, I dream of shards of orange plastic and glass and a biker flying past my car. I can still feel the whiplash and the suddenness of it all. I see the events unfolding in slow-mo; in an all-too-alarmingly-familiar sequence. I panic when I see the biker finally hit the ground and his helmet come off. 

I get the feeling that it will take me a while to stop thinking about that moment. And yet, it is not my worst nightmare. This hand-me-down philosophy is:


Seriously? Fuck me in both eyes.

Even an auto driver knows better.

Why is “dress decently” number one on all such “guidelines”? What in fuck’s name should I do to “behave decently”? 

And pray, tell me how anyone can avoid traveling in crowded buses and trains. Are you buying me a new car, you fucktard? If so, you should probably buy all women their own cars so we don’t have to take public transport. And while you’re at it, put in streetlights everywhere, and make sure they work. You make me want to shove your fucking nuts down your throat. 

I was molested, at age seven. In broad daylight, in a house. I was too young to be dressed indecently or behaving improperly, or even to defend myself.

Let me tell you this, you dim-witted moron, I am street smart. I can tell you this: All you need to do to keep me safe is stop making it sound like it’s my responsibility to avoid being raped. 

You fuck-all checklists are brainless. To illustrate, here’s an equivalent of the checklist you created, specially crafted for men.

Ways to deal with the ‘urge’ to eve-tease/rape:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and chant “I will not rape” ten times every morning.
  2. Refrain from eating chowmein or non veg.
  3. Don’t step out after sundown – because rapes only happen in the night.
  4. Carry an ice bucket at all times. If you sense an erection, pour it on your dick.
  5. Avoid boarding buses and trains where women are present.
  6. Do not go to nightclubs. See # 3.
  7. Wear a blindfold. That way you can’t see women. No see = no rape.

Are you as appalled as I am? Do you actually believe that dressing ‘decently’ and behaving ‘properly’ is what will stop a man from raping a woman? Do you want to add to the above checklist for men?

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31 thoughts on “of being freshly depressed”

  1. Unbelievable Ana. That anyone would make such garbage public is a statement of the sad state of affairs of the officials. The list for police should read:

    1) Indentify rapists
    2) Shoot the motherfuckers dead.

    That would definiely address the recidivism issue. If this is unattractive to the police then there is another option: arm all women and teach them to shoot to kill. Put a reward out for killing any rapists – a bounty, dead only.

    I hope you get well soon Ana.

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      1. The only thing that will silence English educated flossy females like you is a Muslim husband and a Quran flung at you. Till then, you will be digging dirt and dwelling on it all day — even while sitting at work.


        1. I’m sorry, whom did you intend to insult? Me or Quran-bearing Muslim husbands? In either case, please use English that’s understandable. What is a ‘flossy female’ anyway?


          1. Imagine having a Quaran “flung” at you. Tsk, Tsk, there are many Muslims who would object to treating their holy book with such disrespect. I expect “Dry Dehli” would find herself in considerable trouble for such disrespect.


      2. Dry Delhi, you do realize a fatwa will be issued out if they find out you are flinging the Quran at people? Really? There are so many things wrong with your thoughts, your language and just you in general, that I have no idea where to begin.
        For starters, go back to elementary school and then lets talk another 10 years later.

        signed another “flossy” Female.. (whatever that means!)

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    1. It should be like a zoo of sorts where you pay to throw stones at people with such ideologies. They should be in well-lit cells with groups of said rapists. Then I’d like to see their views on why women get raped.

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  2. It is such a pain to know that the thought process still remains the same archaic way ,even after those candle light marches and the walks to spread the message, they are spreading caution instead of making the place safer?! My god! spineless junkies!


    1. The state of our judicial system is really miserable, Rob. I don’t really expect to see any changes in the near future. I have to keep hoping that things will change some day – or I cannot keep living in this country.

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  3. where did you get that chowmein thing from. I know, I know, it was there in the news.
    Seriously, take care of the accident part. Get well and take rest. Don’t bother your mind over these issues and get stressed out.

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  4. Hope u are well, Ana after the accident and take care. It’s a sad state with mentality of men which need to be changed. Too much hypocrisy with weird suggestions of not stepping out during the night and chowmein from some idiots.


  5. I am sorry you were in an accident and are still so sore. I am hoping to be back on a regular basis soon. As far as your lists go…well done. If men received such a “Public” announcement placing responsibility on them I wonder how loud the yelling would be. I know there are men out there that would agree with you too. Not all of them are bad. As far as Dry Dehli…what a jerk.


    1. To be honest, most people, including me, would agree that my safety is mostly just in my hands and I should be careful about how I dress or where I’m going. But this coming from a public servant who is supposed to protect me no matter what I wear or what I am really pisses me off, you know!
      And Dry Delhi is just another coward who hasn’t even come back to brave the brickbats!


      1. But it is the continual “support” by ommission and non discussion of men’s responsibility to control themselves that fuels the “rape” culture/mentality that allows this kind of behavior to thrive. Though I do at least see more discussion and condemnation then before. A small amount is better than nothing sad to say.

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  6. What does he mean by be “Well behaved”?? I didn’t get that point and I think I will never get!!
    “Don’t travel in crowded buses and train?” Really? stupid suggestions

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  7. Sorry to read about your accident! Hope you get better soon.
    Sometimes, I don’t even want to get started on the stupidity I see and hear all around me – like those gems of Mr. IPS, B-nagar City Police – only because it fatigues me so and leaves me drained. The only person responsible for a rape (or molestation) is the rapist (molestor). Period. And the only long term solution to having rapists lurk amongst us is through societal change, and sadly that’s not coming around anytime soon.


  8. Though I can sympathize with the fact that you were injured in an accident, I really don’t find anything wrong with that police list. Those are just common sense instructions that every woman can follow to have a better chance of staying safe in public places. And it isn’t like the police are shirking their responsibilities; they are just saying you can stay safe even without them if you do those things. Of course everyone of us wants the freedom to dress and behave and live our lives the way we want to, but the fact of the matter is that freedom is oftentimes just a word — we, both men and women, are living under limitations, and we are safer when we stay within those limitations. It is like saying I should have the freedom to touch fire, and then blaming others when I get burned.


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