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She seems confused. She talks about women, then talks about adventure. She’s seduced people, almost cheated on her boyfriend, been in a live-in relationship, by her own admission. What kind of person puts stuff like that on the internet? I don’t get personal blogging anyway. Why not just stick to a topic and blog about that? What does it matter whether you tell your story or not? Who cares?

She’s talking incessantly about me, without even knowing that she’s talking about me. To her I’m Anawnimiss, the ‘ridiculously shameless blogger’.

It was amusing at first, to listen to someone I know talk about my blog without realizing it’s mine. But then words started to sting. And yet I was quiet for the longest time, nodding my head, which is so unlike me.

I wanted to tell her that my story matters. Every story matters, because stories never belong to any one person. There are hundreds of people, women and men, just like me, with stories just like mine. They are traveling, dancing, getting married, having children, yearning for change, just like me. There are women who are just like me, looking for answers, looking for love, and for independence. There’s a common thread in all our stories that binds us all in a sort of fabric that keeps us warm.

Instead, I say: I don’t know, maybe sharing gives her strength.

Yeah right. What is she, Batman? Let her come out in the open and declare her real identity. Then I’ll see how much strength she really has to tell the truth.

Okay, she didn’t really say Batman, but you know what I mean.

But she’s right, you know. I really ought to come out in the open some day. And you know what, I’d like to see the look on her face when I do.

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26 thoughts on “of stories”

  1. I think the most powerful writing is that which is unabashedly “in-your-face” truth… the kind that feels likes one’s own story appropriated by another’s words, the words one has whispered in one’s mind but doesn’t dare say for fear of judgement. If you every have the opportunity, perhaps you could just ask her – if she had such secrets to tell in a public forum, would she want her identity to be known? I have lived an interesting enough life, to be judged harshly, and I am contemplating how much or how little I share in my future blog posts. But instead of anonymity, I take some perverted comfort in thinking that hardly anyone will ever read it. And even though my picture is attached and I have invited friends, in this sea of blogs – it will probably be more of a private pressure release for creativity than anything else. In this age of shameless self-promotion for the sake of just being seen, it actually shows great character to share your story in anonymity. Truly – in the end – it is the story that matters to the reader, on its own, rather than the identity behind it. And your identity, whether attached to the story or not, will always be something separate. Any writer, who has written for a while knows that there is a writing persona, and a living, breathing persona that cannot be edited for the sake of publication and wasn’t created for public consumption or condemnation.


    1. Liza, My anonymity is not nearly as impressive as your candid honesty. I think that it takes more courage to really ‘own’ your stories, especially the ones that make you liable to be judged by people you probably don’t even like.
      And for what it’s worth, I think you’re spot on about the writer’s persona not having been created for the sake of public consumption!


  2. Ana liked the way you said it’s not the story of you alone. So true, it’s never only yours. You have people with the similar experiences and stories. Kudos to your spirit. Keep writing 🙂

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  3. And it is the story of every women….women who sacrifice….woman who want it all….women who are the butt of every second sexist jokes…..women who stand together for or against one another…..to me you are not “Anawnimiss” To me you are a part of me (woman), actually me when I am being candidly woman

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  4. Blogging i see is one’s own place in a virtual world where one can share experiences or thoughts freely without caring of anyone being judgmental. I like when you say its not your story alone, it may relate to many others you just have the spirit to speak and say it.

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  5. I don’t agree with most of the people.You will have to understand that if you are hiding behind anonymity then you are bound to have people like that in your life or may be the internet life.
    But the positive thing is even if you would have been public about your identity even then there would have people like that.
    Its just that they can justify themselves and you can not.You can try but you know what I mean.


  6. Right on Ana. But don’t hate her – she’s afraid because she can not see making herself that vulnerable. Forgiveness is in order. You’ll know how and when.Excellent post Ana.


  7. Oh, I’d like to see the look on her face too! That’s pretty rough. How did she find your blog in the first place? Maybe when you come out of you anonymity it can be as a vlog where you video tape telling your friend who you are and then you share her reaction with all of us! Yeah, I’m into this idea a lot! What do you say? Huh? Ok, well, no pressure or anything. 🙂


  8. If you decide to come out, ever, just come out on her first, and see her response. See how she blabbers and then makes amends to what she said. Standing up to your decisions, and taking a stand is not something everyone can do. And, I very much doubt that she can.

    Your anonymity is not just a liberation to you, but to so many of us. It definitely is to me. To be able to speak your heart out, to relieve yourself of all the feelings, which are a No-No in our society otherwise, is a boon to have. We’ve been told to control ourselves and our opinions/emotions/feelings, all our lives. It is high time we spoke up and accepted that we have thoughts and feelings too. And, it is not wrong to have them.
    IMHO, don’t lose the cover. Rest, it is a free country and a free choice. 🙂

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  9. Honestly… Sc*** that b*tch… Incidentally… You are just awesome. The ‘Day all’ of them die – or you unveil your identity – Will be the perfect selfie 🙂

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