an open letter to Priya Gupta of TOI

Dear Priya,

I read your open letter to Deepika, and you’re absolutely right. Deepika is a publicity whore. She goes around giving people what they want – cleavage shots, and shots of her shapely long legs andbarely-there midriff. She aims to tantalize.

And that Anarkali – whoa – it’s obvious that she was trying to cover up her entire body so that her cleavage got the maximum visibility. And then she objects to being clicked from the top angle where people can ‘dig in’ a little more? That bitch.

You taught her a lesson. What was she doing objecting to being objectified when she voluntarily allows people to objectify her, you know what I mean? Yes?


Coz I can imagine that if you were at a wedding, wearing an Anarkali exactly like the one Deepika was wearing, with exactly the same amount of cleavage showing, and someone got perched up on a tree and took pictures of you, focusing deliberately on your cleavage, you’d just smile and take it easy. After all you have a cleavage, and since you’re flaunting it any way,  how does it matter if someone got a glimpse of half an inch extra even if you didn’t intend for that to happen!

Obviously when your boobs are showing, the only substance in your body is your cleavage! If the rest of you mattered, you’d be showing that off too – no clothes. Easy peasy! And for god’s sake, what’s the fuss all about? It’s not like her nipple was showing anyway. What a baby! Shahrukh doesn’t crying when you guys focus on his abs, now, does he?

I think you guys should get a shot of her vagina too. The public would love that. You may have to wait until she wears a skirt with a slit, but in the meantime you should invest in one of those pole-thingies that you can tie a camera to. Then when she’s wearing a skirt, you can just be standing below the podium and push the camera up her skirt. No no, don’t blush! It’s obviously an invitation for photographers to get a good look, coz, hey, if she didn’t want them to see her vagina, she’d be wearing pants instead!

Crying about people sneaking peeks inside your clothes is like, well, a prostitute crying about having been raped! As if that matters.

And what is wrong with all these people supporting her? Must be looking for a piece of her glory. Don’t bother about these she-wolves girl. These people will never understand. You know what, you should be famous. And you know what? You even don’t need to piggyback Deepika or any other celeb anymore. Look, I gave you your own cleavage!


Yeah, I know I know! The picture is AWESOME, isn’t it? I’ll bet you didn’t know my photoshop skills were just as good as your writing!

More power to you, sister!

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41 thoughts on “an open letter to Priya Gupta of TOI”

  1. All this while I am thinking where do you get all this info from. It is somewhere in the middle of the article I realised that you were talking about Deepika Padukone, and all this while I thought you were talking about your colleague of someone call Deepika.
    Its so sad that how quickly we form opinions, where is this responsible journalism, and woman of substance thing. Phew.
    Looks like I have been too busy with meta tags and open graph. But entertaining nevertheless.

    Do you realise that you are not telling tales but raising some serious issues plagued this society.

    BTW. If interested add your blog at

    sorry for the spammy type unsolicited link. It all that in my head these days.


  2. Well At first when It started I was in full support of Deepika , But I really find it funny.Why is it happening just when the Finding fanny is finding business.Has she learnt the trick from SRK who gets into controversy just before his movie is releasing.I don’t want the judgmental bastards to jump on me so I would say I respect Women and Her style of living.But I really Cant miss the co incidences.


  3. What is she complaining about? It seems like a rather conservative dress. Doesn’t she watch any Kardashian TV shows? 🙂 Great post, Ana… 🙂


  4. I am probably as angered as Deepika Padukone right now over this whole cleavage issue. Being a copywriter myself, I wanted to join TOI when I first started a job. Now, it seems like it was for good. Had they asked me to do such a *piece*…😱


    1. Aren’t you glad you never did join TOI?
      It’s sad how people think celebs are public property just because they “expose”. People will try their best to maul them in public places should they venture out without a bodyguard. Nobody thinks twice before trying to touch them. Everyone wants a piece of them, as though they are meat or something. It sickens me to no end!


  5. OMG….Anawnimiss…. This was the best satire i have read in a v v long tym …..kudos buddy and down with the horrible retard wrking at TOI….i really really hope she feels miserable and remains in mental trauma


  6. This was a great read! Just couldn’t help laughing at the photoshop part! Well done! By the way, it might interest you how I reached this page: Searched for “Priya Gupta TOI” on Google Images –> the image of Priya Gupta on this page was one of the top results –> clicked on it and landed here.

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  7. I agree that women would not be comfortable with people trying to get a peek up or own their private parts (in this case, cleavage shot from top). But I believe it’s time for all of us to change that mentality that certain semi-exposed parts of our body are not to be talked about.

    Yes, I believe it was immature for TOI to take focused “boob shots” of Deepika and headline it “OMG…….. cleavage blah blah”. Just because a male actor wears jeans that protrude out at his crotch, one does not simply go “look that guy has a boner” and then make such a big immature fiasco about it. If I’m wearing shorts, I definitely don’t want someone to take a camera and shove it up my shorts to take a peek at my schlong. That is not the intention of the clothing I wear and it is understood. If someone does take a focused pic/video of my crotch I’d just dismiss them as immature and thirsty and move on.

    But I feel that women issues are often stigmatized or sensationalized simply cuz of their gender. Imagine the difference between the crotch shot of a man vs a woman. There’s an obvious weird barrier that stands in the discussion of women-related issues and articles. So that leaves us with the question. “Can there theoretically be complete equality between men and women ever?” Or will we always look at women in a completely different light than men?


    1. Of course there can be equality. God didn’t make us better or worse than each other. We created this barrier you speak of all by ourselves. This barrier is exactly what feminists want. And by feminists, I mean the traditional ones that want equality, not the opportunity to ‘get back at men’.

      And as you can see, more and more women are speaking up; more and more rape cases are being registered. More and more men are complaining that they’re being taken advantage of. Society is in a state of flux right now, but it’ll all settle down one day. It’s a long way from here, but I’m sure we’ll get there.


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