of ghosts and stuff

After my landlord stole my denim bra, I was house hunting again. I found a beautiful apartment on the ground floor of a small building that had been converted into a number of small, one bedroom apartments. It was perfect, but people warned me against moving in, because a girl had been murdered in that house. They said it was haunted.

I didn’t really believe them, because:

A. I didn’t want to, and

B. I didn’t want to

(Seriously, ghosts and stuff belong only in the DeadMau5 universe.)

Soon after I moved in, I started feeling like something about the house was wrong. I sought solace in wine and feverish lovemaking with Mister at first, but then the noises became too much and I had to start paying attention to them.

Mister suggested I keep a diary of all paranormal activity – though in my case there were only noises that seemed to come from within the walls. I did. 

Aside: I wish I’d retained the diary – it would’ve made for some good blog fodder. But unfortunately blogging wasn’t even remotely on my mind back then!

After about a month, I had determined that the ghost was usually up and about all day and slept peacefully at night. But I never told Mister this. I kept telling him I heard noises just to get him to come over. 😉

What? A girl’s gotta have some fun!

Anyhow, it was quiet one whole weekend, as though the ghost was on vacation or something. But soon enough, it was back and I was fed up. I called my Yoga teacher who also does yajnas (puja/havan) and has some idea of Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui). He promised to drop by and help.

When he arrived, I expected to see a tantrik-style dhoti kurta (loose traditional garment for men) and gangajal (holy water from the Ganges) and kamandal (a utensil to hold the water) and some other shit like that, but he arrived wearing his usual shirt and jeans. Not so much as a tilak (google it, lazybones) on his forehead.

He walked around the house, and then stopped at my favorite spot (and the ghost’s) – the french window in front of the garden. He moved the couch. And then, he moved the carpet under it.

Guess what he found.

A trapdoor. Yes. An old, wooden, rusty, doesn’t-belong-in-my-house fucking trapdoor.

We opened it, and it squeaked. Real loud. Guess what we found.

A staircase.

And then we found a switch. Joshi sir flipped it and lights came on. And I almost fainted when I saw what I saw.

A fully furnished studio apartment with everything a man could possibly need for survival. Yes. Air cooler, fans, lights, even an iron. Fresh fruits and water.

Someone had been living there all this time. Clearly he/she wasn’t home. I laughed aloud at the ridiculousness of the ghost theory (and because the safety implications of this arrangement hadn’t really occured to me so far).

How does this guy get in?

Here. Another door.

A second set of stairs led to a door outside. Locked.

And then it hit me. I ran up the stairs that had led us here and then out of the house into the street where the door should’ve opened up. No exit. Nothing, just a plain old wall.

I walked around the entire building looking for the exit but couldn’t find it. I moved out two months later, into a house near Mister’s. That is where I was attacked by the naked guy.

So that’s my haunted house story. What’s yours?

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24 thoughts on “of ghosts and stuff”

    1. No tricks, true story. Carpets are not entirely uncommon in builder apartments – I’ve lived in two and both had carpeted floors in the living room.
      The trapdoor was a first – I’d never seen one before!


  1. I used to sleep in a temple. It was all fine until you were alone and then it sounded as if someone was walking on the roof. When there was two or more people then the temple would only make the creaking wood settling noise, but when you were alone… you weren’t really alone. The more scared I would get the more I would hear and feel as if something was there. Eventually I got so annoyed, one night before I went in I stood infront of the temple and announced to the “beings” that if they were there fine, it wasn’t going to make any difference in my life and I wasn’t going to play with them anymore. I looked at the temple for a minute, and then found a different place to sleep that night. The next night I did the same announcement and went inside and was fine. No noises for about a week, when I was laying down and then I heard the sounds again, then I started to feel scared and then I started to feel as if some being was moving from the otherside of the temple to where I was, and then I remembered my resolve and thought, if you’re there, you’re there, it doesn’t make any difference to me. Then the noise and the presence were both gone and I never heard either again. That was 20 years ago, and have never had the experience again which had lasted a few months for me… I know, pretty unbelievable. I don’t blame you for writing me off as a quack now. But the noises… were unsettling


    1. I don’t think you’re a quack. I believe ghosts could exist.

      Truth is, I can laugh all I want now, but when it was happening, I spent many nights wondering. I never had the courage to challenge them, and I admire you for actually doing so – for all you know, it could really be ghosts.


      1. Yeah I can only believe, in the moment. As soon as the moment is over I am skeptical and this I’m 20 years removed from. But I know that in that moment I was definitely believing.


  2. Fun read this was – especially the matter-of-fact tone 🙂 I thought I had seen a witch when i was a wee little child. Pointy nose, a hat, crooked teeth and all. This was before I knew what a witch was. Or had TV. One theory is that the wizard next door might have dropped acid in my milk.


  3. That’s neat story Ana.To the best of my remebrance i haven’t met a ghost yet. i’m skeptic but open. it wouldn’t overly surprise me if there were ghosts but I think the vast majority of the stories have an expalnation like yours. Much the same as UFO’s.


  4. That is scary! I mean, I wasn’t too convinced with the ghost or horror aspect of it, but a whole living person secretly sharing the room with you would be scary! Super scary!!


    1. It would’ve been far less creepy had it been a ghost ,you know! There are actual safety concerns with a man sharing the house without me even knowing it!
      (Also, I can’t believe I’m only getting to your comment now! Can I please blame that on the ghost?)


  5. Amazing story..for one moment, I thought it was true..yeah, m excited bout ghosts and once in Pune, there was a room for grabs but was haunted and was advised not go for it. The owner was offering the room for 2k in a place where u get nothing below 8k. Finally, good sense prevailed and no living with ghosts:)


    1. I stayed on and off in this house but mostly with my parents. I didn’t want to risk it here!
      Also really sorry I responded so late – looks like I missed replying to a few comments on this post.


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