of showing men some love

Found this video today and I have to say, maybe they have a point.

Happy Men’s Day, everyone!

Quick note to my non-Indian friends: You may not be able to understand the language, but I think you will understand the general sentiment and maybe even relate to it. Also, don’t miss the crazy-ass expressions. 🙂

I know, I know  – So not fair! P-)

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17 thoughts on “of showing men some love”

  1. Sooo not fair, Men buy stuff too..!! nicely done though !
    I would actually love to party with that guy in the red shirt. He is hilarious nd seems to be ‘in the moment’ . love it

    i will stop now before you mistake me for a troll 🙂

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  2. I had already watched this video early in the morning. I thought you might have made some story on this. A little disappointed to not find one, but happy that you showed some love for US, Men 🙂


    1. Hey Darshan, sorry to disappoint. I’m not good at making up stuff, so I guess something great (or bad) has to happen for me to write about it.
      But of course I love men. They’re awesome. Unless they’re really not!

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    1. Exactly. Good guys are always on the receiving end and nobody ever says anything to the rotten apples. Remember how in school when attendance was low, the ones who were actually present in class would get shouted at for no fault of their own?


  3. Thanks for sharing this Ana !
    I got wished by a female colleague on 19th and felt so good 🙂
    Men’s day is relatively new and needs some PR. Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to understand the need to have a men’s day 🙂

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