of mad angles

Only my Indian friends would’ve understood that joke, but never mind.

This post is in response to a photography challenge that asked photographers what “angular” means to them. Here’s my interpretation. I hope you like it!

These pics are from one of the seven lakes in Sattal.



What does angular mean to you?

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4 thoughts on “of mad angles”

  1. I have a school-teacher follower named Frank, who discovered that one of the meanings of ‘frank’ is ‘sharp, or acute, as an angle’, so he blogs as AFrankAngle, and posts sharp thoughts and acute social analyses.

    As a new friend of Paul (above), I also have a snow-removal post ready to be published. If you wished to alert me when his guest post goes out, I could link to it, hopefully giving both of you a tiny boost. 😀


    1. Hey Archon! Paul told me about you wanting to link back, and it sounds like a great idea. I could do with the boost! 🙂
      As of now I’m planning to post it around Christmas, because snow is kinda Christmasy, you know! But if you plan on publishing yours sooner, you could let me know and we can work something out.

      Also, I really like the sound of AFrankAngle – what a lovely play on words! I have got to visit him. Link please?


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