(a) This sounds suspiciously like Women today should be proud of their male neighbors. For they can walk about untouched in their colony just because these honorable men stood their ground and refused to give in to their carnal needs when they have the option to behave like other rapists who physically and sexually assault women.

(b) He makes it sound like female foeticide is about peer pressure where you can either give in or stand your ground. I don’t think courage/cowardice has anything to do with it; I think it has more to do with education (or the lack of it).

(c) The guy clearly thinks that female foeticide is wrong because, well, gender discrimination. But then he neglects to acknowledge the efforts of the various mothers (also female, obviously) who “stood their ground”. Now I could be completely delusional, but I have a feeling the courage, if any, was warranted more on the mothers’ part, because well, gender discrimination.

So I spotted gender discrimination in a post about gender discrimination. What are the odds?

Hint: More than you can imagine. There are hundreds of thousands of douchecanoes filling the online universe with such seemingly-thoughtful-but-actually-misguided commentary about serious issues. And they have got to stop.

Because as if this guy’s flippant post was not enough, thirteen people “liked” that comment, and I saw women commenting I’m proud of my dad. I am horrified at the thought that some of them may actually have made quick emotional phone calls to their fathers thanking them for not committing a crime.

To the dude who posted that abhorrent “random thought”

Sure, social media has made it very easy to share your “random thoughts” online. If you’re lucky, you may even find people willing to discuss what you write and offer their own perspectives. But if what happened today is a standard to go by, that’s usually not the case and all you get is thoughtless approval, which eggs you on inflict more of your shallowness on the masses. But I hope you realize that by not thinking things through, you’re making a mockery of the most unspeakable sufferings of unborn children and their mothers.

So I think it’s time you stopped trying to sound intellectual and started being it.

What do you guys think? 

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15 thoughts on “*facepalm*”

  1. First and foremost….I love your term douchecanoes. I may borrow it. As far as the topic is concerned, I think that social media has made people intellectually lazy. Everyone can be read/heard without having to employ any critical thinking whatsoever, and it’s obvious when we read opinions, like the one that you mentioned.

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    1. I really don’t think people think “oh my friends all have sons so I need to have one too”. It’s more about placing a premium on male heirs and considering women a liability, paraya dhan as they call it in India (meaning someone else’s property). So it does, in fact boil down to the lack of education.

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  2. No honor in blogging while at work…. all honorable people prioritize their work over such things as judging other people.

    So, let’s keep that ego in check and do some real work today


    1. Just to put you out of your misery about the ethical dilemma of writing while at work, I was at home when I wrote this. Not all people work in call centers.
      As for being judgmental, this is the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.
      Quick tip for the future, think before you hit publish, which is the whole point of this post.

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  3. I couldn’t laugh more. There is so much drama around, just goes to say how filmy we are. Lol!!! There is no point in discussing about social media. So much shit that runs around these days. I just check my msgs and leave, mostly.

    Also I see you have a blogger who happens to be your colleague 😛 lool (pun intended)



  4. Wow. This guy is just so full of it. I have an unstoppable urge to try and find this guy and argue with him over the internet, even though I know its going to be so terribly pointless. It’s really sad that so many people actually think he makes sense. I really hope you left a comment, at least a shorter version of this post, so all the people who liked it will see how stupid this random thought was. That’s how we stop the douchecanoes of the world. We call them out on their stupidity.


      1. Yes. But the grammar nazis and the spelling police tried and they’ve gotten this far. People of the Internet now know to check their “your” and their “you’re” before posting. Lest they invite a downpour of corrections. I like to believe that we can inspire this kinda fear, and revolutionise the world! But I’m glad you blogged about this, if not a direct confrontation.


  5. Wow! So now we should be thankful for being allowed to born?! I’d have liked to find out this idiot and teach him a thing or two about respect, but seriously how many idiots can I handle really?


  6. the last line what do you GUYS think.. do you mean GUYS as MALE or guys as in general people 🙂

    see i found some racism here tooo 🙂 he hehe ok dont kill me now

    you know mam such idiot people are everywhere .. one needs to tell him I hope he has gone to his MOM and said thank you for delivering him to this world.. or was that also the DAD doing everything …


  7. What a loser! I suspect this guy thinks that we should be grateful to him for noticing our plight(should I thank my dad for bringing me into this beautiful world? and also, I am his third daughter. Oh My Noble Father.!).I think he doesn’t even know that we can very well interpret his stupidity by his words.
    Ignorant people are everywhere..grrr..

    And Anawnimiss, you write so well..You make something serious look hilarious.
    I love your writing.. Thank you for such a wonderful blog..!

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