going bananas over oranges

These days, I find myself seeing orange everywhere. The color just seems to pop at me from everywhere, screaming adventure and happiness and confidence.

So it’s no surprise I went bananas over the latest photo challenge.

That's our letterbox.
That’s our letterbox.
An old Contessa I clicked in Pondicherry
a rusted water meter box in my building


Btw, last year I was in love with green, and the year before that, my life was all about purples. Does that ever happen to you? Do you suddenly rediscover a new color and go crazy about it? What’s your favorite color? Do you believe in color therapy?

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24 thoughts on “going bananas over oranges”

  1. Great catches with the photos. I love orange. I always did. It is warm, sunny, uplifiting, comforting. I just love it. My practice is painted in a warm orange. I also love blue a lot. I just recognized that both fit perfectly since that are the colors of the sunset and I looooove sunsets (at the ocean). Thank you for this inspiration.

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      1. Yes, exactly!!! A game of colors depending on the level of setting. I just watched some pictures of Goa and I totally understand that you miss it. It is a dream. I love my Californian south coast…. miss it to no end right now.

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  2. Those are great photos Ana. Thanks so much for sharing them. I’m not a big color person but I do enjoy viewing bright colors.


  3. I always fall back on navy blue as my old reliable favorite color. I’ve been using lots of color via LED flood lights in my studio, and currently purple and green are the lights that I like most. Is it therapy? Probably. I know that it puts my mind in a better place when composing or recording songs…

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          1. Who am I to judge? I do recall your comment being one of my favorites on that post! lol I promise – the studio photos will have no, um, controversial subject matter. 😀


    1. As a kid, I drew a lot of landscapes, and when it came to coloring the sky portion, I’d always pick grey. People kept telling me that I was supposed to use “sky blue” but I didn’t believe them until I actually went up to the hills on a summer vacation, and saw it with my own eyes. I fell in love with that blue. No other shade of blue has ever quite matched up for me. 😦

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  4. That Contessa is something ❤ One car that I missed driving out, even the Amby I have driven.

    Good one, I am a sucker for good pics 🙂 Loved this post.

    Have a good day!

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    1. Thanks Anoop! I fell in love with the Contessa even before I had actually seen it just because of how the name sounded. It sounded classy and erotic and so beautiful! Never drove one, but I still like it!

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