of the randomness of the world

I was outside the VISA office on Monday, willingly allowing the skin to melt off my face as I dreamed of going to America. Even as drops of sweat dripped from between my breasts, I imagined standing inside the Waterfront Park in Seattle, allowing the rain to get everywhere. The lady-behind-the-counter’s voice boomed in my head. “VISA approved” was all I could hear. Now only if the cab would arrive.

I yawned and walked around as the armed guards constantly told me to step away and “go wait over there”. Hundreds of visitors, as hopeful as I had been before the interview, stood waiting patiently in line. I hadn’t noticed this when I was in the line, but people were surprisingly well-behaved. Some of these were parents waiting to visit their children “abroad”. Then there were the people dressed in barely-qualifies-as-formals hoping to appear like “good” people. Some families stood in the shade, waiting to join their teenage kids laughing and giggling in the line at the last minute. But nobody fought with anyone over whose turn it was!

I was lost in that train of thought, marveling at people’s amazing ability to morph into the perfect citizens for a sliver of a chance to go to the US when I realized that the left side of my face was getting warm. That only happens to me when someone stares.

A young girl, dressed casually in jeans and a full-sleeved kurta was eyeing my dupatta. She looked away as soon as she caught my eye, and started fiddling with her phone. Typical, I muttered under my breath. My phone rang, and I felt relief spread through my body. The cab, finally, I thought as I hastily answered.


Kaun? Who’s that? The woman on the other side answered. I get really annoyed when people call and ask who I am.

Aapne phone kiya hai na, aap bataiye kisse baat karni hai? Hey, you called, you tell me who you are first.

Ji main Varsha bol rahi hoon. This is Varsha speaking.

Kisse baat karni hai aapko? Whom do you want to speak with? Papa ne kaha tha jab free ho ja is number pe call karna. Dad asked me to call this number when I got free.

Sorry, wrong number. I sounded very irritated, and my pitch was really high. I looked around to see if anyone was listening, and became aware of the girl who was talking on the phone, puzzled, and looking at me, mouthing the words that I heard on the phone.

Sorry ma’am.

What are the odds? Has something like this ever happened to you?

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21 thoughts on “of the randomness of the world”

  1. Sweat, what, where? 😀 The odds of that happening have to be astronomical. So, when are you going to visit the US?


      1. haha! I was totally distracted by the use of sweat and breasts in the same sentence. 😀 Too bad about your vacation! I hope that you do visit one day.


          1. You know how to distract me! lol Yes, that would be fun, wouldn’t it? A bloggin’ vacation. 🙂


  2. oh so it was the same girl WOWO .. now that is spooky i would say ..
    and you love narrating and explaining everything to the readers 🙂

    so you got the visa when you leaving for the greener pastures and congrats ..

    This reminded me when so many years back I was in front of the british embassy trying to get my visa and I had just one sheet of paper in hand , which was the interview letter from the embassy.. the so called well wishers were asking me have I not got any documents to show .. they were puzzled as others had briefcase full of paper work, the newly married girls had their wedding albums, vidoes and what not with them …

    and you did not tell us what happened at the renuinion .. or have i missed the post 🙂 🙂


    1. You have NO IDEA how freaked out I still am about this whole thing. I have told every living soul I know, and everyone is equally surprised.

      I carried only the appointment letter and a bunch of papers from office – and it was pretty easy to get a B1.

      And the reunion – the guy has changed completely! He was wearing freshly washed clothes and seemed to not stink at all! (Though I’ll be honest, I didn’t stand too close, just in case)


    1. No, I spoke to her later just to confirm. We were both really spooked. Her dad had given her a colleague’s number who would pick her up after. We called her dad, asked for the number – she had apparently typed 18 instead of 58 – and that’s how she got to me!
      Crazy as hell!


      1. A driver once left me a phone number to call him back – he was a new driver that I wanted to hire and he had called while i was in a meeting. I called him back and misdialed the number. It was a city of Toronto phone number and there are about 2 million people in Toronto. When the phone was answered I asked for the driver by name and the guy on the other end said i had the wrong number but he knew the guy and proceeded to give me the right number I checked the number I had and realized I had misdialed. Some time later I found out that there was a group of friends who had immigrated to Canada and they had all gotten phones with consecutive numbers so they could easily remember each other’s number.


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