Well, I survived!

The last time I wrote, my life seemed so totally and so utterly unmanageable that it filled me with anger. Not the kind of anger that makes you lash out, but the quiet, simmering anger that nobody tends to notice – which my angry mind quickly translated to nobody cares.

So I remained absent not only from the blog, but also from life. As my family and friends fawned over Z, I withdrew further and further into the shadows until suddenly, one day, my little man pulled me out. I can’t explain how he did it or if he even realized I was drowning and here I am, BACK.

I’ve missed you. What have you been up to all this while?

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22 thoughts on “Well, I survived!”

  1. The first little while can be rough with a new baby, but it was the little one that pulled you out Ana. He new you need something and he was there for you.


  2. Yaaaay! I can almost do the albela sajan dance that priyanka does in bajirao in lieu of your welcome! 😀
    Though if you haven’t watched bajirao this comment is completely moot, nevertheless, welcome back! ❤


    1. Love the sentiment, hated the movie! Hugs!
      Btw, I’ve been planning to do you-know-what for the longest time, just keep putting it off for when I have an easier life. For now, a big thank you. What you did made it easier on those bad days. 😘

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  3. I hate to say it but …. we told you! Welcome back and hugs 🙂
    Confession – even to this day, it bothers me when my mom pays more attention to my kids than me! And they’re in their teens.


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