of being found out

You wake up one morning and see a bright orange plus sign at the top right corner of your blog. A new follower! Yay!

You click the orange plus sign, only to feel the earth shift from underneath your feet. It’s him. In the whole wide world, he had to go on and follow this blog! Do you dare to let him find out it is yours? After all the hoo haa about anonymity, it comes to this? Your cover’s probably blown! Continue reading of being found out

of narcissism

Ever since you were almost found out, you’ve been reading your own blog lately, much like an outsider. You’re curious about how people see you. Some of the things you’ve written about make you look so flippant, so frivolous that you wonder why people even read what you write.

The more you read the more convinced you are that the truth is doing a pretty crappy job of setting you free. Instead, you’d feel so awkward and vulnerable and so, so embarrassed if anyone found out who you really are! Truth is definitely not setting you free. Continue reading of narcissism

of confessions

Almost 2000 page-views, and your head is reeling already.

You dreamed of being popular last night. Of being known as the woman who dared to bare her soul.

Are you really, though, baring your soul? You hide behind anonymity. You refer to yourself in the second person, as though you’re disowning everything you have done or been. Not so brave now, are you?

Why not say I, I did this? I was raped at seven. I am the one who’s always leaving things unfinished. I couldn’t ever love anything. I was the other woman in his life? I want to throw it all out into the vastness of the universe, and see what it brings back.

But you are not ready to own up. Not just yet.

Is anyone else ready to confess?