of unwanted complications

He asks you to marry him, and you sit there dumbfounded. Your world comes crashing down. Three failed marriages between the two of you, and you were so sure it would never come to this.

Why, is all you manage to come up with. You’re choking with what he thinks is emotion, but really it is dread. You’re lonely most days, but you like your loneliness, and are not sure you want to give it up that easily. You’re not sure you can keep things rolling smoothly for very long in a relationship, and you haven’t really been together that long.

Because I love you. Because I was born to be with you. Because if you and I can’t make a marriage work, nobody can. I have a million reasons but I hope these are enough.

He puts you on a clichéd pedestal and you hate that about him. Despite the many fights you have he thinks the two of you are just sailing along, being happy.

But you know hat is not how love works. Continue reading of unwanted complications