of delusions

You know how I forgot my car keys in the ex husband’s camera bag.

He came to drop off the car keys today. He was being really sweet, but I suspected that he was rather miffed at having to come to my office all the way just to drop off my car keys. It’s no problem at all, he said. At least I got to meet you again.

Although I know he hates detours and was just being polite, he didn’t seem upset at all. I almost felt Continue reading of delusions

of scars in love

But hey, the good thing is, I’m a dad now, he says with a bright smile on his face, trying to put off talking about unhappiness for another time. You’re usually trying not to yawn or roll your eyes when people talk about how unhappy they are. I understand, you say, but you never mean it.

But this day is different. Continue reading of scars in love

of leaving

The sky gets all teary-eyed as you pack. Tired, heavy drops fall on your windowsill.

Anuradha Patel glides from one corner of the screen to another looking like she has cancer or something. So do you, gathering sundry items still lying in the dresser and putting them in a Zipouch.

Aadhe sookhe aadhe geele, sookha to main le aayi thi

Geela man shaayad bistar ke paas pada ho, woh bhijwa do, mera woh saamaan lauta do

Memories of a monsoon evening, Continue reading of leaving

of reasons

Why are you doing this to me, he asks.You smile and shrug. Your reasons are shut inside, like the pages of a book you know word-for-word. Only, the book is in a language nobody else can understand. All he can perhaps do is read the title.

You’re so cold. How do you sleep at night, he wants to know. He looks tense.

It’s like this, you say. My conscience curls up around me in bed, and I fall asleep.

That ought to shut him up, at least for now.

But it doesn’t. He looks into your eyes with a vague question. You have no answers to give him, except those that are languishing in your book of reasons.