of epitaphs

You’ve decided that your next post should be about C and his girl H. A perfectly good friendship has come to an end, and an epitaph is due.


You first lay eyes on C through the boyfriend many years ago when you two were just friends (no, really). He had just been on a trip with some firangs and was showing (off) all those fancy pictures when you asked, who’s that guy leaning on the bike in the background?

Next thing you know, you’re hearing stories about how great this guy is and what a stud, for he has bedded almost fifty women! You’re told that he never lies to get into women’s pants. He doesn’t need to. You’re not sure if you like him that much as a person, but do acknowledge that he is jaw-droppingly handsome. He loves to travel and is into bikes, and that sounds interesting enough. Later, you trawl through his Facebook profile and notice that he is always posing with stray dogs or women and leaning on bikes. You’re not really sure you like him that much. Besides, you’re already married and don’t want to pursue this anyway. Honesty dictates that you admit that you do find his tattoos and bad boy behavior a teensy bit attractive.

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