of crime and punishment

There’s this discussion on Indiblogger that has me thinking, constantly, about rape, rapists, and punishment for juvenile rapists.

I started reading up on rape psychology around the time the Nirbhaya incident took place. There are, apparently, several different types of rapists. And to be honest, I’ve only listed five, but there may be more. Continue reading of crime and punishment

of remockable opinions about rape

A certain Indian minister has finally decoded rapes: sexual violence is apparently caused by non vegetarian food, especially chicken and fish.

A lot of people I know are sharing this piece of news online expressing their disbelief at how “educated” ministers can say such things. I think they mean literate. But anyway, I wanted to do my bit by talking about it, but words are failing me. Therefore I must come up with my own words as a tribute to men like these – my own fictionary. Continue reading of remockable opinions about rape