of stalkers at stake

My stalker left his first note on 11-January and a second note on 10Feb. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway. Seeing as it is that time of the month again, I decided to stalk my stalker back.

I had three ideas:

1. I wake up really early and sneak Continue reading of stalkers at stake

of right and wrong

A new note, stuck to the car just like the first. You know you shouldn’t open it, but you do.

You look radiant in yellow. It makes your skin glisten and your eyes sparkle. I like that.

It’s back, the thumping of the heart. You crumple the note and fling it away. It’s the right thing to do. You’re fighting a strong urge to look around to see if someone’s watching from the shadows. But you don’t. You won’t give this guy the pleasure of knowing he got to you. Continue reading of right and wrong

of disloyal stalkers

Health issues and crazy work hours made it near-impossible to come back to the blog, so i was off the grid for a while, and I really really missed you!

You may remember how last week was super-eventful with the anonymous letter. I got a lot of helpful advice from blinksan, Mitch, Ruth, Martha, Satavaesa, Michelle, and Aussa. Thank you guys, I appreciate it 🙂

Now that I am better and hopefully work issues are all sorted out, I have so much to talk about!

I was planning to follow Mitch’s advice on Continue reading of disloyal stalkers

of wtf moments


That’s all it says. A neatly typed letter tucked away under my windshield wiper. I’m shocked. First of all, nobody sends me letters. Second of all, nobody I know would be able to write something like this. Third of all, I’m suddenly feeling very nervous. There’s no name on the letter. No stamp, so it must’ve been hand-delivered. Continue reading of wtf moments