of duplicity in a capsule

I picked up the newspaper this morning, and mom nearly fainted.

Newsflash: I do not read the newspaper. The thought of starting my day by reading about atrocities and crimes does not excite me, thank you very much. Unless I’m looking forward to reading some groundbreaking research on human anatomy, I do not ever touch the newspaper. Or the TV remote.

After having reassured mom that I wasn’t losing my mind, (lately everything that I do is because you aren’t able to cope without Mister and therefore must be depressed) I opened the newspaper, and then I nearly fainted.


Talk about double meaning.

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that these guys are selling the Indian version of Viagra without actually once referring to sex? Notice how they talk about the “lasting happiness” in “day-to-day activities”and yet the couple in the picture are clearly being intimate.

Why do you think they would create an ad like this? Is it because the newspaper is something that children read too and they want to downplay the sex angle? Or is it because our society is generally repressed and shy of talking about sex? Also, do these things actually work?

P.S.: If I don’t respond to your comments today, please assume that I died laughing at this ad. Or crying at the state of affairs in my country.

of disbelief

I got the following comment yesterday from a fellow Indian sister, who seemed particularly upset with my post on masturbation.

Indian girls doesnt do mastebation. Only immoral and shameless girls like you who writes about personel things on net. you are also living with a boy without any marrige shame on you. you are dirting our name of Indian girls . you are going to hell……………………

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of nasty things, like sex and masturbation

I had a gynae visit this morning. I needed to get a check up, you know, down there.

Don’t get me wrong. I am capable of saying vagina without bursting into flames. Even in front of men. Let’s face it, men spend nine months struggling out to come out from and the rest of their lives struggling to get back into the vagina.

I’m saying down there because that’s what the gynae called it today. It was a little funny, coz well, she is a gynecologist and is supposed to say vagina. It’s textbook. But she chose to use the word intercourse instead of sex. As if using a clinical word will make it less raunchy. Less dirty. Continue reading of nasty things, like sex and masturbation