I go through life pretty much like I would go through a labyrinth; turning this way first and then the other, and then stumbling back onto the first road. Delicious cluelessness!

Of all the things that happen to me, the stories that stand out are about:

LoveThe boyfriend fiance second husband, our mushy moments, and some ugly fights that basically bring out the devil in me.

LustStories about sex, seduction, and temptation. I also force-fit my musings about sex and masturbation in here just because, you know!

LeisureStories of some really strange people I meet. I’m a weirdo magnet. Yes, I’m attractive like that.

LongingBasically my sulkfest. Enough said.

LurkingThis is where I revel in my anonymity. Also where I write about my stalker. Yes, I have my own stalker. Obviously he’s anonymous too, so this is where he belongs! Once I know who he is and if I find him attractive enough, I’ll promote him to the Lust section.

LaurelsThis is where I keep all the appreciation awards you nominate me for, tucked away in a neat little corner. All three of them!

My life is hilariously filmi, as you will discover as you read my blog. There’s a little bit of everything: horror, romance, tragedy, comedy, plots straight out of  a detective novel. And yes, there’s pornography too. Which is why I prefer to be anonymous, of course!


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