of monster brides

Whenever one of my friends is about to get married, I panic. Don’t get me wrong. I love weddings. What’s not to love? People look and behave their best, there’s good food, awesome music and awful dancing.  It’s just the preparation that drives people to the brink of insanity. I get phone calls in the middle of the night asking me if I know a good caterer, or what flowers I would recommend with a yellow-white setting. Needless to say, my phone is usually answered by the mister, who dutifully informs people that I’m busy or tired or both.

Now that I’m on the other end of the phone call, I’m finding my own behavior reflected in other people. I wake up in the middle of the night  excited, jittery, irritated, and wistful all at once. I’m panicking coz I haven’t found the right saree to wear, or I don’t have earrings to match. Or that the mister seems to be sitting on his ass playing computer games instead of making railway reservations, which, if you’re familiar with IRCTC, is near impossible.

I’m turning into the monster-bride I hate so much, and could really use some kind words!


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9 thoughts on “of monster brides”

  1. This is a stressful time. You want your day to be perfect. Just take a step back and a deep breath. Lists do wonders for keeping things organized. Tell your mister that you are banning video games until he makes the reservations. That should get his attention. Hope things get on a smoother track.


  2. I think everyone morphs into the Monster Bride at least once during the lead up, just remember what’s important and everything else will fall into place.



    1. Thanks Jane 🙂
      The thing is I’ve been married before, and back then I was cool as a cucumber even though it was a fancy affair. And this time, there’s going to be a total of ten people at the wedding (if everyone turns up) and that’s what has me puzzled.


      1. I think a grand total of 10 guests will be perfect sum and I expect you want each and every one of those 10 guests to have the time of their lives. I understand your morphing – I would be morphing too.


  3. I am reminded of a phrase I was told that uses fear as an acronym. Dealing Excited And Ready. That jittery feeling of the hope and desire for things to go perfect is understandable and wonderful. I bet that is what you are feeling? You are obviously loved and I’m sure the hard work of preparation will pay off.


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