of the Bong Connection

You probably don’t know this, but Mister is a Bong, and Durga Puja is the only festival that really matters to him. For my non-Indian friends, here’s a brief description of what the festival entails – new clothes,  worship, beautiful pandals that depict the goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasur, the buffalow-demon; and (mostly non-vegetarian) food  and Bengali sweets.

We were off all of last week (which also explains my recent inactivity on the blog) and were out pandaal hopping across the city.

I have so much to say about the whole experience but I guess that’ll have to wait another day!

For now, I have to show you the most beautiful pandaal I saw – the one at Minto Road. I started by clicking pictures but then decided to go with a v-log instead, just as an experiment. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, let me know and I’ll stop with the torture.








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22 thoughts on “of the Bong Connection”

  1. Eagerly waiting for your next post. I am too eager to hear your experience on Dugra Puja… Though honestly Durga Puja of New Delhi is type of a boring stuff only, especially for me, as there was no leave in between, but still I tried to hop around a few pandals. But still I missed the Puja of Kolkata badly…

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    1. Thanks Alok! 🙂
      We had taken the entire week off so I got to visit a lot of pandals this year. It was rather fun but there were some bad experiences. I haven’t yet seen the Kolkata puja but definitely want to, some day!


  2. Nice. Was that a camera or a smartphone, and if smartphone, which one? Hoping to see more videos on this blog. Best wishes.


    1. Glad you liked it. I was apprehensive coz I’ve never done a v-log before, and am really bad at talking and recording at the same time 😐
      I used a Lumia 920. It’s got a pretty good camera!


      1. You did really well, and you ought to do more of this. Though your writing is excellent, you may just end up finding vlogs a better way of expressing yourself.


      2. The camera is pretty good, but it could not handle the harsh lights. At 2:00 minutes. But even the best camera fail with lights.
        Between writing and v-log for you. My vote for writing.


  3. I just realized there was a reason why you chose that as the video’s thumbnail 🙂 I am amazed at how observant I am!!


      1. I guess my observation was just a coincidence then. By the way, when you upload a video on youtube, you are asked to select a thumbnail (static image) that appropriately represents your video. The picture that you see on the video player on this page when the video is not actually playing, is the thumbnail for this video.


      1. Thank you. Missed you too. Went straight to looking for your recent posts. I have over 3,000 emails to look through. I really hope to stay back. 😀 It has been a literal maelstrom of activity and upset for the last three months, but I think it has finally calmed to a dull roar. 😀


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