of a weekend getaway

Just before the wedding, I decided enough was enough, and headed out to the hills on Friday night with the fiance and two other buddies. Even till the last moment, we had no idea where we wanted to go, and it was raining, so I spent a lot of time scouring the local market for tarpaulin sheets to cover our luggage with, and two raincoats. One for me and one for the fiance.

We finally started at 12:45 am and rode all night, and here’s what the world looked like at dawn.

Okay, hawkeyes! Yes, that’s Anawnimister in the mirror.


We reached Sattaal (or is it Sat tal?), a quaint little town near Nainital, at 10 am. The town is named after the seven lakes it contains (sat = seven, taal = lake). We only got to see two, though. One from the room, and one on our way back. I didn’t click the one on the way back, but here’s the one I could see from our room:

the view from our room

After we reached, we did what all travel enthusiasts do as soon as they reach their destination. We drank ourselves silly had refreshing beverages, bitched about those who chickened out at the last minute because of the rain made quality conversation  and passed out cold decided to rest for a little while.

We got up in the evening and located this really rustic looking setup where we could have chai. The shop has no name, and the shopkeeper’s grumpy all the time, but the tea was delicious and we kept going back for more. Here are a few pics from my new fav’te chai shop:

chai ki dukaan
the grouchy chaiwallah
the grouchy chaiwallah

After we had had chai, we headed over to the nearby market to eat. It was one hell of a crowded place, and as soon as we entered, touts pounced upon us trying to get us to eat at their “world famous in India” restauarant. If you’ve been to GB Road in Delhi, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Seriously. It was sickening.

Anyway, the food was great and inexpensive, so we packed some grub for the night and went back to the resort to drink some more Dragonberry.

We retired early. I was the first one to get up in the morning, and to see this:

the sunne rising

When everyone was up, we had tea together, which wasn’t half as good as the one we had at the roadside stall.

tasteless tea at the resort

Then we headed out again and spotted a lovely waterfall in the woods, trekked a bit, and visited the sunset point. Pics below!

the waterfall
the waterfall



me, trekking
me, trekking
Old Temple
an old temple at the sunset point, and Deepak, a friend I made there

All-in-all, it was a great trip. But nothing beats the honeymoon I’m yet to tell you about!

Soon. I promise!

of impulses

Let’s go, you say at two a.m. on a Friday night, almost pukish at the thought of spending another weekend in Delhi.  Let’s get out. We never do anything impulsive, you say. Chalo, he says. Abhi? You can’t believe you’re actually doing this.

Five minutes later, you’re packing an overnight bag and dumping it in the boot of your one-year-old-highway-virgin car, double-checking to make sure you have all your papers in place, and driving off.

Where to, he asks. You name the first place that pops into your head at that moment. Kasauli it is.

Thirty minutes later, you stop over at a tiny little eatery on the road and announce do chai, ek aloo parantha. You fall asleep as you wait. When you wake up, he’s watching you intently.

Within seconds you are both smiling and holding hands, Hindi-picture style.

You finish your paranthas and chai and head home.