of the sandwich thief

I was in an accident two days ago, and have only one good arm this week to type with, which has slowed me down considerably. I’m itching to write about how I saw bright orange pieces of that bike’s indicator fly past my car and the sparks from the road as the bike was skidding on it, but I have been asked to rest.

I’m obviously irritated and restless. Therefore I’m whiling away time, and presenting you bizarre links that made me laugh, even if just for a little bit.

Here’s an exchange between a man and the person who stole his sandwich. And you HAVE to read to the very end. It’s really really funny.

Oh and this video was really fun to watch – the hilarity that ensues when you try to explain Twitter to your tech-challenged parents:

Then there’s this video that made me ‘happy and relax’:

Enjoy 🙂


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