of the craziest interview questions

A colleague pointed me to a wonderful repository of the toughest interview questions and some of them were so silly I just had to find out how you would answer them.



 So go on, take a stab at it. Tell me how you would *ahem* attempt  these questions.



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25 thoughts on “of the craziest interview questions”

  1. Q.1) 1. a screw driver 2) opening a door lock 3) making freckles on one’s face 4) Making stick ballerinas 5) Swords for little alien critters 6) Murder weapon 7) Knitting needles 8) crutches for handicapped grasshoppers 9) needles on a clock 10) Picking one’s nose
    (I’m sure you noticed my desperation towards the end of this question. I feel dizzy now.)

    Q.2) Play Frisbee with the clock

    Q.3) Street sign: Don’t worry. It does get better.

    Q.4) A built-in potty washing system in a baby’s diaper. (now don’t ask me about the details, this is the best a Mom of two ‘lil ones can do:p)

    I just went back to my scrap-book filling days in school:) haha this was ridiculously fun!

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        1. ok Here you go what I can do with a box of pencils.
          1.I can make a HUT Painting with exactly 10 pencils and paste them on scrap book.
          2,I cant cut them in halves and make a flower like structure.
          3.I can use it to make Models , Remember those medical classes where in we used to make nerves or show blood pipes with pencils.
          4.I can actually make an EXIT word with exactly 10 pencils 😛 and paste that on the exit.
          5 I cant actually those pencils in the someones nose to show my frustration.
          6 I can sharp them in different heights to make a M , or in fact easy words with W.
          7 I can actually use them as a barricading around my table plant ,
          8 I can make 3 ladders for a barbie home.
          9 I can also make pathways with pencils for a barbie home.
          10.I can actually stick them to my T shirt for a fancy outfit,or may be a word like exit with an arrow with Unshaped pencils .

          Breaking clock is easy,
          Put it under the fire alarm sign , Use the needle as alarm button,and write BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FIRE.

          I would definitely be a “ONE WAY” 😉 you know what I mean

          A Product .
          Thats easy I would make an App. a Free APP.Which asks for inputs makes a free resume and applies in the companies of your choice globally.
          Resume is yours , Details are yours and its free,
          The Problem with freshers is lack of knowledge and lack of motivation to apply themselves globally and that too free.
          It will be a revolution , No Free , No Consultancy service charges.Nothing.

          🙂 This reply is only for Ana because I love the Narration Style you have.

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    1. I think they’re mostly just trying to gauge how well a candidate can think on his/her feet, which makes sense if it’s a Google/Facebook interview. They do seem to want creative people!


  2. 1. a)back scratchers b) chopsticks c) defense weapon in a crowded bus d) tooth pick(I know, a lil gross) e) balloon poppers f) hair pin g) a wall decor i) make up aid j)a doll house

    2) blast it off with a time bomb?

    3) proceed with caution

    4) this question was already asked to me in a job interview :P..and I had suggested a weather simulating and controlling machine 😀

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  3. Some 15 years ago, in an interview for a copywriter’s job, I was asked to write 10 uses for a chair. I remember writing things like it’s legs can be broken and used as cricket wickets; it can be placed one on top of another to make a ladder; it can be broken and used as firewood; and the one that I remember most clearly is “Bang it on the burglar’s head and he will forget the purpose of his visit.” I remember being especially pleased with my humor in that last one.

    Another question asked in the written interview was “Why is the Sari the best attire for the Indian woman, and why is it the worst.”

    That particular ad agency had put out a Yellow Pages ad for their agency with the caption “Hire us and we will fire you” and the small print that followed would explain how the ad agency would set their clients on fire with their imaginative ideas. For my portfolio, I copied that ad and changed the caption to “Hire me and I will drown you” and my small print was “…with a flood of brilliant ideas that would leave you little space to breathe….”

    I did manage to get that job — I think they were impressed by the way I twisted their ad to
    serve my purpose.

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    1. The wit in your responses is unmistakeable! I’d have hired you instantly! I’m still laughing at the burglar thing! Btw, I’m really curious to know what you wrote about the Sari! 😉


      1. You are being generous about the wit.

        I just remember one point that I wrote in favor of the Sari — that you don’t have to have the perfect figure to look attractive in it. Other than that, I remember trying hard to find good things to say about the Sari but not being able to find much.


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