of bad moves

Me: What are we going to do now?

D: I don’t know. What do you think?

Me: I don’t know? What do you think? Oh wait – we already covered you.

D: Why don’t we start making plans for just the two of us and maybe he will get the hint?

Me: You think that’ll work?

D: Of course it will.

It didn’t.

We made plans to go out for walks, shop, and watch movies, but because it was never established that by we we meant just the two of us, AP tagged along everywhere anyway.

After a week, we abandoned the apartment with the colorful walls and the huge terrace and the almost-French windows because it was too small for us.

It drove me raging-bull-mad, so one day I decided to rip the band-aid off myself. I was like a ninja on the prowl – I waited all day to find an opportunity to have the tough conversation with him.


Anyway. We finally found an apartment that we all liked, and we decided to move. It was a 3 bedroom house on Road no. 10, Banjara Hills. We didn’t need three bedrooms, but D and I were desperate. We needed a room of our own where we could have the clean fights and the dirty sex.

The moving day finally arrived, and so did N, a colleague of AP’s. She had promised to help him move, and she reached, as promised, at 10 am. We had met her a few times before, and she seemed like a nice girl. We were done moving by lunch time, and decided to order pizza as we unpacked.

N helped me set up the kitchen, while D and AP went about setting up two of the three bedrooms.

What are you going to do with the third room, N asked just as we all sat down to eat.

I don’t know, maybe we’ll create a guest room in case any of our parents come to stay, I responded.

AP chimed in. But parents will come only once in six months. Why don’t you move in with us? 

No points for guessing what happened next.

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38 thoughts on “of bad moves”

  1. That is hilarious Ana – Ha! It actually says something very positive about you and D – you make people feel very comfortable and they trust you. I should warn you – don’t get a 4 bedroom next – Bwahaha!

    When my wife and I were together, she had two kids from a previous marriage. We always tried to make their friends feel safe at our place and would feed them at meal times and include them in our activities (actually took 3 of their friends with us to Disney World in Florida – a 10 day trip – about 2,200 kms one way). We always had kids around. One night one of the girl’s friends (about 14 years old) ran away from home and she came to our place. We insisted that she let her parents know where she was – but we left it up to them if she stayed or went,making it clear that she could stay and cool down if she wanted. So, soon after we let them know, the police showed up. I invited them in to talk to her and she was adamant that she didn’t want to go home. There was no sign or indication that there was abuse of any sort(and she made that clear) – it was a disagreement between a teen and her parents. The cops basically said – she’s here by choice and she is safe – so she’ll just have to work it out with her parents. I had a whiteboard and markers mounted beside the front door so the kids could leave us a note where they were or if we needed to know anything – on their way out one of the cops noticed the whiteboard and asked “Do you run a group home here?” Ha! ( Here in Canada teens who ether cannot or do not want to live with family have an option – usually court ordered- to live in a group home where they are watched over by resident adults )

    That story popped to mind when I was reading your post We’ll get you a sign for over your door:

    all welcome



    1. We weren’t really ok with the idea of someone we barely knew moving in with us, but we just couldn’t say no. D and I were pushovers at best, so it’s actually very nice of you to equate our sorry situation with your generosity, Paul. I cannot imagine handling the runaway teen the way you did. I would probably freak out and call her parents!


    1. Vishal, this was 10 years ago, when I was married to the ex. We had only been married 6 months when we moved to Hyderabad, and this is how the first few years of us living “alone” played out 😦


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