Well, I survived!

The last time I wrote, my life seemed so totally and so utterly unmanageable that it filled me with anger. Not the kind of anger that makes you lash out, but the quiet, simmering anger that nobody tends to notice – which my angry mind quickly translated to nobody cares.

So I remained absent not only from the blog, but also from life. As my family and friends fawned over Z, I withdrew further and further into the shadows until suddenly, one day, my little man pulled me out. I can’t explain how he did it or if he even realized I was drowning and here I am, BACK.

I’ve missed you. What have you been up to all this while?

of the geek in the pink

Okay, so I’ve been missing a whole week, and there’s a reason for that. I could simply just tell you, but the writer in me wants to go out for a walk and tell you a longish story about what happened. So here goes!

I was driving to work on Thursday, singing Geek in the Pink along with Jason Mraz at a freakishly high volume. On repeat. So basically I had been singing the same song for over 20 minutes when I felt that something was off. The lyrics were off. I wasn’t singing them right! Which couldn’t be, coz I’m pretty darn good and if you’ve ever tried singing along to Mraz, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Continue reading of the geek in the pink