of remockable opinions about rape

A certain Indian minister has finally decoded rapes: sexual violence is apparently caused by non vegetarian food, especially chicken and fish.

A lot of people I know are sharing this piece of news online expressing their disbelief at how “educated” ministers can say such things. I think they mean literate. But anyway, I wanted to do my bit by talking about it, but words are failing me. Therefore I must come up with my own words as a tribute to men like these – my own fictionary.

Ridiculass – An unbelieveable ass

Rhectoric: Discourse that attempts to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences through pure bullshit

Inslurmountable:  Conversation stoppingly, jaw droppingly offensive

Paltritude – Aptitude for coming up with ridiculously insulting ideas

Sinclination – A sinful bent of mind cause by external factors such as chowmein and non-vegetarian food

Moblivion – Oblivion induced by being given a sound thrashing by a mob

Ofine – To hold or express an offensive opinion

Ignoranus – An ignorant asshole

Returd – A mentally backward piece of shit

Fartcical – All fart no shit

Madminister – A crazy minister

Procreastinate – To put off eating non vegetarian food or chowmein until one wants to have children; abstinence from food as a means of birth control

Pricturesque – Inspiring vivid and detailed mental images of a prick

Turdulence – The shitstorm that rhectoric ofinions inspire

Okay, I’m done. Let’s see what you guys come up with!

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9 thoughts on “of remockable opinions about rape”

  1. “Sinclination – A sinful bent of mind cause by external factors such as chowmein and non-vegetarian food” I love that one!

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