of yet another debacle

The phone rings for a long time, and I’m about to hang up when a sleepy young man answers.

Hello, is this Surinder ji?

He mumbles something incoherently. Who is speaking is all I can gather.

Surinder ji, my name is Ana. I got your number from the government website and wanted to check if your center is a permanent one. I need to apply for my Adhar card as soon as possible. I say it all at once, making sure I give out as much information as possible in one go because I don’t know how quickly his patience will run out (based on my experience with the four other guys I’ve been hung up on by this time).

The sleepy dude clears his throat. I thought he’d ask for a spitoon next but he proceeds to say, actually, this is Surinder ji’s son speaking. I don’t know why Papa has given my number on the website. People keep calling me again and again. I’m so annoyed. Actually he said, Yaar yeh mere papa ne mera number website par daal diya hai, itne din se roz phone aa rahe hain, main pareshaan ho gaya hoon yaar. I just thought it might be easier to read if I translated.

I immediately turn red from embarrassment. Oh, I’m sorry. Can you give me your father’s number, then? I’ll call him directly.

Ok, I will sms you, he says, and the grammar nazi in me cringes like it does when someone says “I will explain you”; but I suppress her. Or you could just give me his number now, I can write it down.

No, actually I’m busy right now. I will send later. I am working in pharmaceutical company. I can hear him proudly smiling through the phone.

I am so weirded out by the unnecessary detail-sharing that I hang up.

I call him back at 9:15 am. Fifteen minutes have passed since my last phone call. I assume that he would’ve got a dozen other calls by now, but I decide to make a deliberate attempt to modulate my voice on the call. I spend a minute practising: Hello, I’m . I wanted to inquire about the Adhar office timings. After two attempts, I’m convinced I’m a really bad actor, so I call in my normal voice.

The phone rings. He answers. Hello Ana ji!

Alarm bells go off in my head. The guy has my number saved already? WTF?! You were going to send me your father’s number, right? I’m still waiting.

Sorry Ana ji, this taking little bit time (this time he spoke in English). I will SMS you.

He sends me a text within the next 5 min, but there’s no sign of the father’s number.

“Sorry fone get cut. What time you are coming? I can be able to come to meet.”

I obviously don’t respond. The guy proceeds to call me twice, and I don’t answer. I don’t want the damned Adhar card anymore.

Do you have an Adhar card? Do you know how to get one made without having to go through stupid people whose purpose in life seems to be to NOT let you get the Adhar card? Why do you think I’m a weirdo magnet? Am I weird? Are you?

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19 thoughts on “of yet another debacle”

      1. oh..I had it made when they had put camps in our society..maybe you could wait for such camp..anyways Adhaar is hardly used eventhough it was hyped so much..


  1. I always find it simply cheap and nasty what tricks some people use… urgh… just think this poor man sees no other way anymore to connect … 😉
    What is this Adhar Card? Never heard of it.


  2. Oh dear God. That is ridiculous! Try checking with nationalized banks near your place. I got mine done at IOB (they had a camp for a month when you could come by and get it done).. I remember similar camps being conducted at the SBI branch near my place too.

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  3. WTH! How can a Government website have such numbers?

    And imagine what this guy would have thought. A nice sounding voice, maybe I can trick her into meeting me and have fun. You should report this guy. Nothing might happen, but atleast the number can be removed.

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  4. hey first time commenting here. I can understand your pain. I ve been through this for nearly a year and just got the biometric done last saturday.
    While I was there I heard that in bangalore the aadhar process is pretty streamlined. Itseems anybody from India can just walkinto one of their centers and walk out with everything done. Again this is what I heard, but please do check with your friends at bangalore.


  5. This is just crazy, A! I had alarm bells going off in my head, too!
    I thought of you yesterday while I was on an airplane. There was a magazine article highlighting travel photography – the whole spread was dedicated to India. Gorgeous photos (and not just the standard fare).
    Sorry that I’ve been away for so long. xoxox

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