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That’s all it says. A neatly typed letter tucked away under my windshield wiper. I’m shocked. First of all, nobody sends me letters. Second of all, nobody I know would be able to write something like this. Third of all, I’m suddenly feeling very nervous. There’s no name on the letter. No stamp, so it must’ve been hand-delivered.

Could it be A.? WTF. No. It can’t be him. I find myself shaking my head in disbelief. Michelle‘s oh-but-I-want-to-read-more-about-him comes to mind, and I start feeling a little smug at the thought. But in my heart I know this is just wishful thinking.

In either case, yay! I have a secret admirer! How cool is that! I’ve only heard about things like this before. How awesome to actually have my very own stalker! 

On a serious note, I know I should be doing something about this. Don’t know whom to ask for advice about this.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?


There’s more to this story.

After I received this note,  I was really thrilled, this being my first stalker and all, but people drilled some sense into me, and I started taking things a little more seriously.  I kept watch for a few days, and nothing happened. This really upset me.

Anyway, I received a second note in February 2014, which brought me some guilty pleasure (and a lot of unsolicited advice from the fiance, which I didn’t talk about then because he used to read my blog).  Then Aussa pointed out that my stalker was a creature of habit and there was a rhythm to his creepiness. His notes were timed, exactly a month apart. That brings us to this disastrous attempt at a stakeout.

There! That’s all there is to it!


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20 thoughts on “of wtf moments”

  1. Not a secret admirer. Creepy. Watching you for a long period of time and stalking creepy.

    Decades ago I came out to my car in the early morning to find a flower pot upended over the front of the roof, with the plant crushed under the ceramic rim and the dirt scattered in trailing clumps down across the windshield. I never discovered who did it… or why… but I always had my suspicions that it was a woman who was interested in me at the time, one whom I never dated because of how badly she treated the men in her life.

    If I had found your note on my car, I’d record everything — the date, time, location, and circumstances where I’d found it, plus anything I could think of that might be related — and file it in an envelope and store it somewhere safely away from where I lived, like a safe deposit box. Then sit back and see if another note appeared.

    If one did, I wouldn’t disturb it. I’d check all around me to see if anyone was looking out from the surrounding area to observe my reaction at finding the note. If I saw any movement, I’d note the location. If no one could be seen, I would take cell phone photos of the placement of the note, as well as the rest of the car and the surroundings just for good measure. Then I would carefully remove the note, taking care to keep my fingerprints from touching it, and using gloves or a tissue or tweezers to protect it. If it was in an envelope, I wouldn’t open it. I’d record everything, just like I did for the first note.

    Then I would make a decision — do I look at the note, and let things continue to progress? Or do I go to the police, let them open the note, and have them decide what steps should next be taken?

    From looking at your photo, the note was printed on a laser printer — or is several times removed from the original source by repeated scans on a copier. The bottom was ripped with a straight edge, using either the sharp edge of a table or by using a ruler. No signature. If it were from a secret admirer, it would be fancied up to make it more presentable and to stand out; nice paper, nothing ripped, something like a signature to personalize it, something additional to make it romantic. To me this note just sets off alarms.

    Oh, and there is at least one thing that caught my eye: “You get off your car…” “Off” your car? Not “out of” your car? If you have ever been “on” your car, think about when that was, and it might provide a clue.

    I wish you all the best with your mystery.


    1. I can’t thank you enough Mitch!I took your advice and was careful when I got “on” my car this morning, but nothing. No movement in the shadows, no second note and I am so very disappointed. This would’ve made for a really good conversation starter. Anyway, all’s well that ends well!


  2. This happened to my friend once. She literally lived in an apartment building with an old woman and found a note taped to her door one evening. It said that he had been watching her do her laundry at the Laundromat for a couple of weeks and had never gotten up the courage to talk to her. So he FOLLOWED HER home, stalked her to her apartment and left the note on her door. He left another note a couple weeks later, but thankfully nothing happened to her. She was terrified but didn’t want to contact the police and make it a bigger issue.

    Be very careful with these kind of situations. She was lucky we had come down to see her that day, if we hadn’t, who knows what could have happened. He may have been watching her outside of her apartment and only left because we arrived.


  3. Too much creepy. Def. tell someone and be careful! Maybe you could leave crazy a note – also on your window – “who are you”? — maybe they’d be just crazy enough to answer 🙂


  4. Um, oh my gosh. I could talk to you all day long about stalkers– both ex boyfriends and random strangers that imprint on you. This is freaky to me. Mama Mick Terry sent me your way so I don’t know your background and who “A” is but I wouldn’t ignore this or think lightly of it. The fact that they went to the trouble to type it up and take it to your car but NOT tell you who they are is troublesome and creepy. It’s an absolute power play and they like knowing that you are in the dark. Super super creepy. Please be alert AND tell your boyfriend and anyone else who can help watch your back.


    1. I didn’t think of this as power games earlier, but after reading your blog I really am worried. Thankfully nothing has happened since then so I’m just taking it easy!


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